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About Me

Hiheyhello,For people who know me, it's probably not a surprise to see me coming up with a blog themed around pets. Cause you guys know it runs in my blood (*punches chest*). This page is for you ‘ pet-people’ out there. And if you don’t have a pet, go get one today. No, I’m just kidding. Rule of thumb , DON’T get a pet simply because you CAN.

Anyways, when I was younger, I wanted to publish a book-magazine of sorts on pets. Then I did a  feasibility study and realized there were a lot of missing links. But certainly it didn’t stop me there. I observed the pet scene in Malaysia for many years. I picked up valuable lessons, learned about people and the pet industry as a whole and thought of putting it all together in a different way. As a result of persistence and a lot of groundwork, this blog is born. ( Cewahhh was that a trumpet you heard just now? Nevermind!).

A Fortress of Fur will encompass ALL pet related issues. It could be something of human interest, something newsy, factual stuff or simply humour. And of course there'll be some nonsense too. So brace yourself! This page takes an easy, casual, and satirical approach that uses 'primitive' cartoon strips and photos to convey its messages. When I say 'primitive' cartoon, the graphic may not be fantastic. But there's always some embedded subtext, connotations and denotations in the strips. It also acts as a 'bridge' to every entry. So, say goodbye to those monotonous, dry and long reads. A Pet Blog that's first of its kind has arrived. Nevertheless, if you find that there's some dose of randomness in here, it's meant to be like that. There's a reason why smart people are writing tons of books about the 'needs of different demographics'. :)

So in here, whatever pets you have, will be covered. It could be a spider that watches you bathing in the toilet everyday, a chocolate starfish, or a mermaid ( not to be confused with your Indonesian maid).. or maybe even a unicorn that shoots rainbow marshmallows out of its ass. Simply write to me, I’ll come and cover your pet story.

Nevertheless, the predominant pets in Malaysia are obviously cats and dogs. So, don’t you go asking….

Along this journey, expect objectives like putting an end to: breeding mills , unethical pet shops, irresponsible pet owners, cruelty against animals, and more. As I finished that sentence, I just made few enemies already. But hey, I like it! ☺

(Oh by the way, please do not mistake me for animal rescuer or activist. These incredibly noble people are Superhumans who dedicate their lives for animals. I'm just an ordinary Pet Blogger)

Well for now, enter the fortress, and get furred!

L’Shawn Tanis


  1. I enjoyed your writing style. You've relate everything very well! I love your writing style!

    1. Hi Stella Chua, thank you for supporting.
      Visit often ya :)