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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Remembering Tombili

After Tombili's death, a petition was launched calling on the city to create a statue so his memory could live on in the place where he brought so many smiles.

Tombili, was a well known figure along the streets of Istanbul. The cat's sweet and carefree nature made sure he wasn't lacking food. affection and love.

Tombili became an internet sensation after his casual photogenic poses were posted online. His laid back pose made him the embodiment of a cool kitty. Locals say, "Tombili resembles a Turkish merchant or craftsman waiting for a customer. It's so representative of our merchants and our people along the street."

After Tombili's passing, fans wanted her legacy to live forever and started an online petition. Following a positive response to the campaign, animal-lover and sculptor Seval Şahin agreed to make the statue of Tombili on a voluntary basis for Kadıköy Municipality.

When Tombili’s photo first become popular worldwide, Internet users used it to create various memes, including photoshopping the image. This was when Tombili became a global sensation.

Istanbul is home to 125,000 cats. But Tombili showed the world what it takes to be a real casual cat.

Rest In Peace Baby!

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