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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Chickaboo The Ostrich - Legend Of The Federal Highway

I Have News For You: An ostrich broke the internet this week after Jeff Sandhu uploaded a video of the bird running on Federal Highway. Video Here. It went viral and now, ostrich fever is sweeping everyone. So A Fortress Of Fur has put together a list of media covering the bizarre news in their usual tones.

BERNAMA: Kerajaan yakin pelaksanaan tol untuk burung unta di lebuhraya mampu mengukuhkan ekonomi.

The Malay Mail Online: Netizens angry after ostrich brought traffic to a standstill. …...More to come......

MalaysiaKini: UMNO-owned ostrich cost government RM2.6 billion

KOSMO: Burung unta yang ditebus daripada kumpulan Abu Sayyaf melarikan diri

The Wall Street Journal: Swiss investigators have proof Federal Highway ostrich was bought with 1MDB funds

Utusan: Apa Lagi Burung Unta Mahu?

The NST: 1Malaysia-Ostrich has united Malaysians on social media

Berita Harian: Burung unta yang terlepas dari Kondominium Sri Lembu adalah derma dari Arab Saudi

BFM Radio: Bird Friendly Malaysia...….BFM 89.9!

Fake Malaysia News: Najib angry Saudi donated burung unta. He wanted unta.

A Fortress Of Fur: This is not funny at all. Poor ostrich must have been really terrified. Bomba have been alerted to rescue the bird. They are on their way.

Bloomberg: Malaysia’s ostrich market is projected to achieve 87% growth by 2017 after a good run in June.

The Star Online: Ridhuan Tee quits MCA & runs wild

Daily Mail: Scientists believe sightings of the Loch Ness Monster could be Chickaboo the ostrich.

Harian Metro: Tengku Adnan syorkan KL dijadikan litar untuk burung unta merempit

Suara Keadilan: Burung unta memulakan kempen ‪#‎BebasAnwar‬ dengan mengutip sejuta tandatangan di lebuhraya

Harakah: Kejadian burung unta terlepas bukti Hudud diperlukan

Tamil Nesan: “Dia yingat ini aiwey dia bapak punya kah?” - Samy Vellu

Sin Chew Daily: See translation

Mastika: Burung Unta Menjelma Dari Kubur Bercahaya Di Semenyih

*Disclaimer: Just a banter.

Glad that Chickaboo is safe now.

Feel free to add in your own version of headlines in the comments HERE!.