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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Cardboard Boxes For Cats

A cat playground can be rustic, plain and more importantly, something you can DIY! Just like this grid of boxes.

A Japanese cat lover took things to a whole new level, with his nine cats and cardboard boxes. It's a brilliant idea indeed!

Watch this:

When you think about it, you don’t actually have to break the bank to create a feline playroom. Many toys are made from recycled items, some of which can be easily made, or are even free by upcycling items from your home, such as cardboard boxes. Talk about cost effective solutions. Plus, cats often like to claw on cardboard boxes, so the boxes also deter them from clawing furniture. Ultimately, it's a cheap way to build them a 'fortress' where they feel safe to nap in, hide in and or just play their hearts out.

Have you ever wondered, why cats are crazy about cardboard boxes?

As it turns out, cats use boxes for stress relief. Researchers at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands took 19 cats that were new to shelters and gave 10 boxes, while the other nine cats did not. Over a 14-day period, the felines with boxes showed far less stress on the Kessker and Turner Cat-Stress-Score (CSS), and adjusted to the shelter environment far better than their box-less cohorts.

As much fun as this research sounds, it has a serious purpose. “Domestic cats (Felis sylvestris catus) can experience serious stress in shelters,” the authors write. On top of making your cats unhappy, stress also affect their immune systems, increasing outbreaks of infectious diseases.

Another reason would be that boxes keep cats warm. The animal psychology behind keeping warm in a box is similar to why cats sleep on cushions or why they like to lie in the sun rather than the shade. #Catology101

"Thank you for building this fortress papa and mama. All my nine lives are now safe."

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