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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Dogs In Public Places

This was reportedly captured in Tesco Plentong, Johor Bharu. A netizen on Facebook called Sharafazleen Sta, uploaded this image with the caption:

"Bawak anjing jalan2 ke ape??? Letak dalam troli. Siap terkencing lagi!!"

Ok now, let's be practical. First of all don't go hating on all dogs or this one particular dog. It's never the dog's fault, it's the owner! As a person who loves dogs and all animals in general, even I feel this is something really foolish to do. Before we talk about this being insensitive to Muslims, we need to understand that regardless of religion, not everyone loves dogs. There are a lot of people who are afraid of dogs. People with cynophobia, dogphobics, children, you name them. Not everyone can accept the presence of dogs in public places like a hypermarket in this case. This is why even in western countries pets are not allowed in many places.

In fact, some people will have hygiene concerns to have a dog sitting inside a trolley. Simply because this is the same trolley customers will put their chicken, various other meat products, vegetables, baby products and more. Inconsiderate much?

And if what the witness claimed is true, the dog also urinated. YES!

This is really really not cool. You can be a one hell of a dog lover, but you must know there are boundaries to everything in a shared space.

I also would like to question where were the Tesco staff when all this happened?

Meanwhile here's an update from a netizen, Nizam Rahman:

"Berikutan kejadian anjing dalam troli, AJK masjid Plentong gotong royong sertu lebih kurang 500 biji troli."

Soon after these photos went viral, a lot people strongly believed the photo was fake/doctored and abused the person who posted it for causing tension. However Tesco Malaysia has now CONFIRMED that the incident took place and issued an apology on Facebook.

[KENYATAAN - Troli di Tesco Extra Plentong] 
"Kami amat kesal dengan kejadian anjing peliharaan salah seorang pelanggan kami dirakam di dalam troli kami di Tesco Extra Plentong. Kami ingin menjelaskan bahawa Tesco Malaysia tidak membenarkan binatang peliharaan untuk masuk ke dalam semua premis kami. Kami telah melakukan proses pembersihan (samak) serta-merta malam semalam untuk memastikan semua troli bersih dan suci untuk digunakan."

Looking at the photo initially, it did raise doubts on its authenticity. The dog was unnaturally angled and etc. Unless it was trying to jump out of the trolley. I wanted it to be fake, I really did. I refrained from posting anything last night, until Tesco themselves confirmed the incident. In the end, they did. While there are many theories trying to debunk and prove that the photo was doctored and fake, the fact remains that a large reputable international corporation such as Tesco has admitted that this incident DID HAPPEN at said time and place. As someone who has worked in Tesco previously, I can tell that any complaint of this magnitude will be carefully handled by the headquarters. All protocols and thorough investigations will be conducted before any apology or denial is issued. Tesco will first do everything in its power to protect itself and its business from such a sensitive accusation. Staff and tenants will be questioned. CCTV footage will be reviewed. Only then an admission or denial will be issued. This is a standard protocol. No decision will or logically could be made based on a single photo evidence in an age where photos can be doctored to sabotage their business. The HQ will not possibly allow that. If the incident did not take place, why would Tesco take the trouble or lie to jeopardize its reputation and admit the mistake? People keep badgering them for CCTV footage. But why? They've already admitted it's their fault and it happened. Admit mistake also wrong? And here we're are not talking about the careless Tesco Extra branch in Plentong. The issue has been escalated to the big bosses (some Orang Putih) and the statement came direct from the HQ in KL after investigations were concluded. So as it stands, the incident took place.

More admissions by Tesco:

I also regret the fact that a lot of dimwits tried spinning this into a racial issue.

Again, this has got nothing to do with race. The incident was about an inconsiderate and irresponsible individual. There are people like this among all of us. Malays, Chinese, Indians, foreigners, and everyone. So stop flaming unnecessary racial tension because of an individual error. And these comments above are just the mild ones. There are many more nasty racial comments that I feel disgusted to even post here. I guess these racist fools just wait for a moment like this to arrive and spread their bullshit?

Fur Note: A lot of you have been asking what happened to me. Sorry that I've not been blogging for awhile. I changed my job recently and I've been struggling to adjust to my new schedule. But be rest assured I'll be back to posting more frequently. Pawmish!

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