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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Miracle: Cat Survives After He’s Stabbed In Head With Knife

It was an unlucky Friday the 13th for a stray cat in the Crimean Peninsula, who was stabbed in the head with a massive kitchen knife.

The resilient kitty was found in the city of Sevastopol and rushed to a nearby animal hospital, where it made a full recovery after the blade was surgically removed, according to Europics.

“When I went to look for him I found him hiding under a bush and was shocked to see a knife sticking out of his head even though he was still alive,” Lyudmila Alexeeva told local TV.

Officials are not sure whether the kitty was the target of a random attack or whether it had known its assailant, Europics reports.

“The knife was wedged in the skull and the cat had probably run off before its attacker could remove the blade,” said Natalia Morozova, president of the Sevastopol charity fund for homeless animals.

“We think the cat had been stabbed on Friday the 13th, and had therefore been injured for some time before he was found.”

The cat, dubbed Zelonyy or “Mr. Green” in English, will remain in the care of veterinarians to ensure an infection does not set in. Local police have been informed about the incident.

Source: New York Post


To the person who did this hideous act, hell awaits you sick dimwit! Can't imagine the pain Zelonyy went through days before he was finally rescued. I must say, he's really fortunate to have survived such a serious injury. I'm so glad that he did. This cat surely has 9 lives. Surely!

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