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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Meet The Green Cat Of Bulgaria

With rapid development and the breakneck rise in concrete jungles, it's hard to come by much greenery these days. And it's definitely worth stopping, rubbing your eyes and even slapping yourself a few times in case you come across a green cat on the street. Yup, that's what's been happening in Bulgaria in recent days.

This unusually coloured feline has been spotted on the streets of the Black Sea resort of Varna, Bulgaria. The locals at first thought, some vandals had painted the cat green, and a Facebook page was set up to trace the person behind the abuse.

But the explanation appears to be a lot more innocent. The cat apparently loves to sleep in a pile of powdered green paint at a local garage. What happened next? The cat has now turned into a 'mutant-super-green-cat' with the mysterious super power of attracting media and people all over the world to its humble home. The power of the green cat enables the moggy to go viral all over the internet, newspapers, radio, TV, you name it. People are now dropping by every hour and feeding the cat some high-end fine-dining food, simply to lure it out of its hiding. Seems legitly powerful there!

Efforts to capture the cat and clean it or inspect its health have been unsuccessful. But so far, the cat is not showing any signs of health issues and I hope it stays well.

More photos:

Certainly this kitty is courting many admirers and the attention of the whole world..Looks like its fortunes are changing. Tuah ayam nampak di kaki, tuah kucing?

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