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Friday, 26 December 2014

Floods And Furkids

There was a time earlier this year when water cuts and water rationing were brought upon us by the continuous hot and dry weather. Rivers were drying and we prayed to the sky to rain long and heavy, and end our plight.

Fast forward a few months to the present, as I’m writing this, rivers are bursting their banks and various areas in several states in the country are submerged in water. People are grappling to salvage whatever belongings they can afford to take along with them. Upon arriving at their relief centres and doing a head count on their family members, anguish cracks on the faces of some. It’s not just about cars, televisions, computers and furniture. Pets…They remember that their pets were left behind, helpless and trapped.

Some are still in cages, while some are tied to something. The furkids were left completely disabled from climbing to safety. But it’s too late by then when they realised. The floods just gushed in and many of them couldn’t buy any time to react. Some pet owners have their furkids firmly secured, but not all pet lovers had similar circumstances.

My thoughts go out to those affected by the floods. I also can’t help thinking what would’ve happened to the strays and all the animals who are unable to fend for themselves in times like this. News flashes and crawlers are accurately accounting those relocated and those who perished. But I believe the actual loss of all lives will be a grimacing statistic.

I’m one of the many fortunate Malaysians, residing in the Klang Valley, at a place where flood is a rarity. But I tried putting myself in the shoes of those affected as a devoted pet lover. What if my district is inundated by floods and I’m sitting on the roof of my house with my family and furkids, waiting for help. The water is rising quickly and we are holding on to our dear lives. A rescue boat carrying a couple of people is finally coming to our aid. But what if the joy is short-lived? What if the rescue personnel say only humans are allowed on their boat? What if I have to leave behind my furkids, whom I raised like my own children? What if I’m not given a choice? What do I do? I wouldn’t even wish my enemy to be in that moment of forlornness and despair.

On that account, it’s really moving to see photos on social media showing rescue personnel and the public doing their bit, not only to save the human species, but all lives, affected by this devastating natural disaster. I bow to them!

More photos doing rounds on the Internet:

This poor baby was tied to the tree and she had nowhere to run :"(

Frightened hearts hanging on to their lives

He's doing his best to keep them as high as possible

Against all odds

They're safe. For now at least..

A team of rescuers making their way to rescue stranded cats. Salute!

Saved! Thank you

He knows his priorities!

He got his loved ones secured. Hopefully help arrives soon..

Based on reports...This Pakcik is 70 years old. His name is Mohamad Ayub Ahmad, from Kampong Selat Pulau, near Pasir Salak. He didn't leave his furbaby behind when escaping the floods. Respect!

Wish everyone has a boat like this and everyone would spare some space for the four-legged souls.

Army comfort for the flood-affected.. #HelpingArm #Helping Army

They can't go long without food and land. Barely hanging in there..

Posted by Nor Azah Rahaman: Kita pun mangsa banjir jugak! Alhamdulilah, dua ekor
budak bambam busyuk ni sempat sy selamatkan sebelum rumah saya tingkat bawah 
100% ditenggelami air. Takut jugak waktu selamatkan dorang guna rakit.

When fear grips the heart, it shows from the eyes.. :"(

One of the victims returning home from evacuation centre and found a survivor.
It's ok dear. You're safe now. The kitty's expression is just priceless... *love*

Usually they shy away from people in the wild. But in desperate times, this baby is looking for a helping hand from us. It was duly given! Thanks to the house owner..See below

This was reported in Kuala Kangsar.

Posted by Ajai Bikers: Alhamdullilah..... hari ni kuatkan diri....pergi cari 
meow yang terperangkap....tapi jumpe seekor je....cian duk atas pokok

The joy when you return home and find them safe

but some were unlucky...

Posted by Shaff Fx: Tengah bersih-bersih rumah jumpa kucing 
mati dalam longkang...rase sedih tu memang tak boleh tahan ..


One of the most meaningful photos to emerge during the floods this time. 
Put our differences aside. We need each other more than ever now..

...Cause it brings out the best in us!

Credits go to all the legitimate owners of these photos. They're all over the social media and I couldn't source the actual owners of these images. Nevertheless, thank you for having the rest of us see through the plight of all beings affected by the floods this time. 


  1. omg!! so sadddd!!! god bless those in pantai timur! *pray*

    Anyway, Happy New Year! =D
    Top 10 Food Post 2014!!

  2. :'( i cant imagine how they can survive...

  3. thank you for repost my picture, azah rahaman. mudahan tak berulang lagi. i really miss those two cats. dua dua dah takde :(