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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Puppy Likened To Dobby From Harry Potter

Owner of this puppy Eduardo Landin, who lives in the Brete neighbourhood from the city of Banda in Argentina, was shocked when he noticed that one of his new puppies appeared like a human.

He said: "It was kind of similar but also shockingly different to the other puppies, so I realised it was in some way deformed and at first I thought it was dead. But then I saw it moving and trying to feed, so I helped it over to the mother and it managed to drink something but its nose kept getting in the way."

The puppy also quickly received comparisons to Dobby, the house elf from the Harry Potter films.

Eduardo added: "I was amazed at how quickly word spread and loads of people are coming to look at the tiny puppy, and take pictures and videos. One of the children that came around said, it looked like a character from one of the Harry Potter movies, and that's what everyone is calling it in the local media here."

Eduardo had taken the puppy to the local Animal Health Centre, where the reason for the deformity, puzzled vets. They suspect the puppy would not live much longer, but told him to come back in 15 days, if it is still alive.

Two local women, Andrea Rico and Marcela Davila, who are friends of the family, are currently looking after the puppy, and are doing everything to keep him alive.

Andrea said: "The mother has not rejected the puppy, but he does have difficulty sucking, as his trunk gets in the way and it's like he's drowning."

Local media believe the deformation is due to the use of pesticides on farmland in the region, although they admitted they had never seen anything similar before.

Eduardo said: "We have had a few calls from people telling us it's evil, and we need to kill it and burn the body. But that's just superstition talking, it is a mutation but it isn't evil."

Here's a video of the puppy:

From my personal point of view, it's just shocking to see how much this puppy looks like a human. I've had experiences seeing human babies born resembling animals. Some people say it's due to curse. As much as I want to shrug it off, it makes sense as those who had these babies are either hunters, or those who do business with animals, by taking their lives and destroying their habitats. The coincidence is baffling, but makes a good case for argument. Nevertheless, this is an opposite condition to the aforementioned case. As a biology student at school, I'd scientifically point out that this appears to be Alobar Holoprosencephaly. This disorder affects the formation of the facial features. The facial deformity is caused by failure of the forebrain to grow, and split into bilateral cerebral hemispheres or into two hemispheres.

Cy the Cyclops Kitten

The most severe of the facial defects is cyclopia, which is an abnormality characterized by the development of a single eye. In 2012, Cy the Cyclops Kitten developed a similar condition, and people started making noise that it's an evil cat. I bet if their own child is born with such a condition, they would say it's a god's gift and a lucky child? I'm glad that Eduardo refused to be brainwashed by calls to burn the puppy because it's supposedly evil. Although the chances are slim, I truly hope the puppy will make it and live a happy life. It will be strange to see a dog looking like one of us. But then again, why not?

(Credit: Mail Online)

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