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Monday, 27 October 2014

Aku Bengang

We all have our ways of getting payback on the person we're pissed and angry with. Often, it's not a revenge but rather a retaliation that gives a silent conquest... Ok sounds too technical. It's like 'Take that you bitch' kinda thing lah.

There’s a tweet that’s been going viral on the Internet this month, and already it’s one of my favourite payback gags. Ronasina’s tweet instantly started a wave of parodies. I guess you've seen them already.. I decided to jump on the bandwagon as well...

In case you've been wondering where all the poop had gone all this while. That's the truth. If you feel defeated now, you damn deserve it for pissing off your dear cat! LOL

If you haven't seen it, the original tweet that started these confessions to snowball is this one:

The joke immediately spread, and everyone began sharing their own 'payback' versions. Thinking about it, I guess a revenge in this manner is a win-win; the person that pissed you off is not harmed, and you get your ego-victory. On moral grounds, sounds good to me! :D


Note: This post was merely made for banter. It's for comical reasons and there's nothing serious about it. And even if it is to be contested seriously, the idea that cats don't eat their feces as suggested by some followers on my page is wrong. Cats DO eat their poo. It's a condition called Coprophagia. There's another condition called Pica. There are various underlying medical and behavioural reasons why cats do this. Hence in a factual context, to say cats don't eat their poo is a total misconception.


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Banye, The Forever Surprised Cat

I'm sure a lot of you know the OMG cat. The video of the cat that appears to be shocked went viral many years ago. In case you forgot, here's a still from the video:

That's exactly how I looked like once when I was having a diarrhea, and I decided to trust my fart while I was driving with my crush. I know...tragic!

My tragedy aside, an 11-year-old British Shorthair from China has been gaining popularity because he looks shocked all the time. Like perpetually. His name is Banye.

You saw that? LOL. There's almost an endless supply of funny-looking cats on the internet, and it took quite awhile for this 11-year-old to come to prominence. But he has made his mark now. That black patch under Banye's chin gives an adorable illusion that he is shocked. While he looks surprised, he's probably just contemplating on whether to lick his genitals, before or after sleeping. You know, normal cat chores.

Here's more Banye for you...

Baby Banye

So basically, Banye has like an emoticon downloaded to his face when he was born. We have the Grumpy Cat, OMG Cat and etc. So at this point, I decided to name him the Whaaat??-Cat. Yes you heard it here first. *Hope Banye will pay me for some naming royalty for that*

He's soooooooooo furdorable with that look. I was just wondering what if I was born with that kind of patch on my face as well. Will people love me more?

Ok nevermind. Looks like a terribly-gone-wrong facial hair transplant. Turns out it's not as easy to be famous, unless you're cat. *Sorry to scare you with that rare extreme close-up of my face* Find a bomoh and cure yourself within 24 hours.

Anyway, do share with me on Facebook, if you have a cat with special markings. Or maybe it's you who have a special marking.
Who knows...