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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Robin Williams, You'll Be Missed

I woke up to yet another heartbreaking news today. Actor, comedian and entertainer Robin Williams passed away in what appears to be a suicide, following his recent battle with depression. Besides being an outstanding performer, one thing people don't know about Robin is that he's an animal lover through and through. He doesn't eat meat, eggs, dairy products or anything that has to do with animals. He doesn't wear leather or wool. Simply put, he's a vegan. But more importantly, his principles stretched beyond his diet. Robin is compassionate about animals and spreading the love in general. While most celebrities will spend their holidays and fortune to pamper themselves at some beach resort and fancy yachts, Robin had contributed a lot to help animals live a better life. He had worked tirelessly and gave generously to help promote the love for animals and raise awareness.

As described by charity site, Look To The Star, Robin uses his incredible energy to help a variety of causes. From visiting children’s wards in hospitals to entertaining troops in war zones. His frenetic behavior and humour never failed to coax those in difficult situations to let their problems go and laugh. Robin’s charity work has covered the spectrum from health care and human rights, to education, environmental protection, animal rights and the arts.

I grew up watching him and had always been empowered by his witty one liners. And to think that the man who gave so much laughter and joy to the world had passed away after suffering from depression, it's just heartbreaking. True enough, no one sees the tears of a comedian. While they make everyone laugh, and appear jovial, they exhaust all their positive energy on the stage and take nothing back. Deep down, their soul is empty and they suffer in silence. Sadly, it is profound in the case of Robin McLaurin Williams.

May you find peace over there. Thanks for everything you did to make this world a better place. You'll be sorely missed.....

Here's a quote by Robin Williams which always made me embrace and cherish my love for pets..

Reason why I trust and love my furkids more than people..They will never ever make me feel alone :')

Here's a video of Robin Williams showing exactly how much he loves animals.... I've posted a couple of videos of Koko here. But this has to be one of my favourites.

Even Koko seems to know that Robin brings laughter to everyone by asking for tickles....
RIP Legend :""

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