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Thursday, 17 July 2014

CDM25 Peugeot

Now you can't simply kiss anything. Be it cars, puppies or kittens!

Well by now, you should know about this road bullying controversy between the infamous Kiki Kamaruddin and Uncle Sim. If you don't know you can watch the video here: Click Link. Correspondingly, I have a knack for correcting pronunciations. Trust me, it's an OCD of sorts for people in the industry I'm working in. Initially, I used to mispronounce a lot of words too. Wait..I still do.Lol. So basically it's about learning and sharing, and there's absolutely nothing condescending about it.

After this entire issue exploded, everyone's been mispronouncing the car brand. I've never heard so many different pronunciations for Peugeot in my life. Pijot, Pihot, Piujiut, Pigeort, Pujat, Pewgiat, Pewyo............. Silap silap Poyo pun ada nanti.

The correct pronunciation for the brand is furry easy, because it's a cat-friendly sound. And that's how I remember it. Peugeot is pronounced as Purr-Jho. Like Per-Jho. Yup, that purr should make it easy for Fursians to remember it. And bear in mind, the R sound in Purr or Pher is very subtle. Jangan sampai PurrrrRRRRR sangat! Itu dah Captain Lebih.

Ok, that's all for this week's class! If you want to learn more, pay RM2,000. Kthankxbai! :D

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