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Monday, 9 June 2014

Possessed Maid Eats Employer's Pet Kitten

Uncontr ollable: The maid being restrained before being taken to the Sibu Hospital.

KUCHING: A maid in Sibu has given new meaning to the term “crazy cat lady”.

The allegedly “possessed” maid ate her employer’s pet kitten alive last Thursday, leaving the remains strewn in front of the house.

Upon the gruesome discovery, the house owner confronted the maid, who had apparently been acting weirdly for the past two weeks.

“When I queried her, she told me she had eaten the kitten,” she said.

Later, she went berserk, compelling us to tie her up,” said the female employer, as reported in a local daily.

The employer promised the maid, who is from a neighbouring country, that she would be allowed to return home the next day.

That night, the maid spent the night tied up in the family car, outside the house compound.

Her employer was quoted as saying that the maid appeared normal the next day and was then untied.

“I took her to buy chicken rice at Ramin Way around 10.30am,” she said.

“After I got the food, she refused to get into the car and created a scene.

“She ran amok. She then got into the car and threw things out. She also bit an ornamental tree,” she said.

When a policeman tried to handcuff the maid, she bit his arm.

The maid was eventually sent to Sibu Hospital in a straight-jacket and with her face covered to prevent her from spitting at people.

The employer said the episode had traumatised the family, and added that she had vivid flashbacks of the torn skin of the kitten in front of her house.

Source: The Star

Fursian Note: This is just incredibly scary and traumatising. Firstly, because a pet kitten was eaten alive and second it's like a scene from some horror movie. Some years ago, my parents' maid was possessed and I can totally understand how disturbing it is to be in that situation and to get over it. But thank goodness our maid didn't do any harm to my furkids or my niece or nephew. She's cured and still with us now. In this case however, the poor kitten became a victim. Whether the maid is indeed possessed or just psychologically disordered is still being ascertained. But as it stands, the abuse humans inflict on animals is just as serious or worse than what the 'evil spirit' here did. And it dawned upon me, there's absolutely not much difference between humans of today, and some evil hateful satans...

Think about it.....

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