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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Kitten Cruelly Shot With Blow Darts In Taiwan

A two-month-old kitten miraculously survived, being pierced by not one, but three 15-cm-long blow darts in Taiwan.

According to a report on Want China Times, the kitten was brought to Yilan's Animal and Plant Disease Control Center, with the darts embedded in its body.

One dart had pinned the cat's left ear to the back of its neck, while the other two pierced its left front leg and left hind leg.

The kitten was heavily dosed with antibiotics to minimise the chance of infection while the darts were extracted from its body.

Despite the severity of its wounds, the kitten showed remarkable improvement since it was found and is quickly gaining strength.

Taiwanese authorities are still on the lookout for the culprit responsible.

Center staff have named her "Cheon Song-yi," after the protagonist of the popular Korean TV drama My Love from the Star played by Jun Ji-hyun.

Source: Stomp & Want China Times

Fursian note: Whenever there's an incident of major outcry, there's always few other incidents of similar nature or intent will take place in succession. I don't know why, but it has always been like that. For example, we look at this year alone, whenever there was an outcry about detainees dying lock-ups, there'll be few other similar cases that will follow up week after week. Whenever there's an air incident, like MH370, few other airlines will encounter issues as well. Like Malindo Air's engine which caught fire in mid-air, Dragonair flight was grounded and passengers trapped inside, Virgin Australia had an hijack scare after a drunk man tried to enter the cockpit. There were a lot more... At the moment, the isu panas is child-related cases involving abuse and rape.

Comparably in the pet world, after the whole outcry about Brianna who was shot by arrows, there you have it, another one. ( Click Here To Read About Brianna ). Although it wasn't arrows that were used, the abuser using blow darts to shoot this helpless kitten is identical in nature. Thank goodness the kitty survived this time and the darts didn't damage her internal organs. And the darts were not coated with poison, much to my relief. But I'm sure the poor baby is traumatised by the injuries. This world is full of sickos!!

Get well soon kitty. You're a strong girl!


  1. Where is human morale now day???
    Human getting stupid each day !!!

  2. what is wrong with these people? if they wanna have fun, why don't they just shoot the dart to themselves? idiot