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Monday, 23 June 2014

Dog Meat Festival In Yulin, China

YULIN: Dog Meat Traders Humiliating Animal Rights Activist And Forcing Them To Purchase Dogs By Torturing Dogs In Front Of Them.

The 21st of June 2014, which was on Saturday, was the official date of the Yulin dog meat festival in China. The locals, however, had already started celebrating the event prior to it. Meanwhile, many animal rights activists from different parts of China have also arrived in Yulin to protest against the event, as well as attempt to save as many dogs as they can, by purchasing them from the local traders.

When everyone thought things cannot possibly get any worse with all the cruelty and pain that comes with this horrific event, the dog-eating people of Yulin decided to show the world another layer of barbarity and twisted mind.

Earlier (on the 20th of June, Friday), a local market in Yulin was packed with dog meat traders selling dogs for their meat. All the dogs were cramped in tiny cages, waiting to be picked and slaughtered. Several animal rights activists were negotiating with some traders over prices of the dogs they were selling. Their funds were running low as they had already purchased over 10 dogs from this market. Having learned the intentions of the activists, a local dog meat trader started torturing the dogs and yelled at the activists, "Are you going to buy it or not?? If not, I will strangle it to death!!" In order to stop the trader from continuously torturing the dog, the activists had no any other choices but to buy the dog from the trader for 350RMB (56USD). After receiving the money from the activists, the trader showed off his "victory" by standing on his moped, and "proudly" waving the cash at the crowd. The crowd of local people then responded with joyful cheers and laughter.

This trader's successful deal making style was almost immediately adapted by another trader of 5 dogs in the market. The other trader started beating his 5 dogs on their heads with a wooden stick. He also yelled at the activists, stating that he would kill his dogs by beating them on their heads, unless the activists would buy all of them for 2,000RMB (322USD). He also said that he would not stop beating them until he gets paid. The crowd responded to this round with even more "enthusiasm". Someone in the crowd even offered to pay the trader to kill the dogs! All 5 dogs were cramped in a tiny cage that was sitting at the back of this trader's bike. One of the dogs were already hurt badly, as lots of blood started running down his head. Again, the activists did the only thing they could to save these 5 dogs - they bought all of them for 1,600RMB (260USD). After sealing the deal, the other trader didn't forget to complete his "victory" by waving the cash at the crowd, and enjoying the applause and several thumb ups from them.

Words can no longer describe how sickening this whole thing makes us feel. We cannot even begin to imagine what it was like for the activists on scene. Please keep in mind that this is still only ONE incident happened in ONE city during ONE event. This further proves that the fight against people’s mentalities and cruel culture from the past will be a long and hard battle. It will continue to be an incredibly difficult journey for anyone who decides to take on this fight. It is a war in which our determination and resolve will be continually tested.

Your support and involvement will help us stay stronger and fight harder! Please share with with world and support our work in fighting against animal cruelty and dog meat trade in China!

Please join their campaign and help them shut down the Yulin Dog Meat Festival! -->www.tacn.org

Source: Together For Animals In China

More photos:

People from all over the world joining the campaign

An activist trying to protect this dog from being tortured by this man

Here's a video of the standoff: 

Fursian note: This makes my stomach sick. I can't even imagine being in the midst of the gruesome scene, surrounded by all this torture and pain. Greed and lust is taking over mankind, and this is another reminder of what lies ahead if we don't act. Rightfully, the influx of hundreds of animal rights activists and dog lovers to Yulin, Guangxi during the past month appeared to have an impact on the city's much-criticised dog-eating festival. I salute the brave activists who put their lives on the line to make a change. Because according to local restaurants and market operators, the consumption of dog meat at Yulin's restaurants is believed to have decreased significantly from last year. Each year about 10,000 dogs are slaughtered for the festival. However, the consumption of dog meat is a year-long plague, and I believe the battle is far from over and immensely difficult for the activists. Recently, I heard that local people in Malaysia have also indulged in this dog eating culture. I've also seen foreign workers catching cats and dogs around where I live, and confronted them some years ago. While China is still far away for us to make an impact, the least we could do is remain vigilant and prevent this ruthless culture from infiltrating into our own society.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Possessed Maid Eats Employer's Pet Kitten

Uncontr ollable: The maid being restrained before being taken to the Sibu Hospital.

KUCHING: A maid in Sibu has given new meaning to the term “crazy cat lady”.

The allegedly “possessed” maid ate her employer’s pet kitten alive last Thursday, leaving the remains strewn in front of the house.

Upon the gruesome discovery, the house owner confronted the maid, who had apparently been acting weirdly for the past two weeks.

“When I queried her, she told me she had eaten the kitten,” she said.

Later, she went berserk, compelling us to tie her up,” said the female employer, as reported in a local daily.

The employer promised the maid, who is from a neighbouring country, that she would be allowed to return home the next day.

That night, the maid spent the night tied up in the family car, outside the house compound.

Her employer was quoted as saying that the maid appeared normal the next day and was then untied.

“I took her to buy chicken rice at Ramin Way around 10.30am,” she said.

“After I got the food, she refused to get into the car and created a scene.

“She ran amok. She then got into the car and threw things out. She also bit an ornamental tree,” she said.

When a policeman tried to handcuff the maid, she bit his arm.

The maid was eventually sent to Sibu Hospital in a straight-jacket and with her face covered to prevent her from spitting at people.

The employer said the episode had traumatised the family, and added that she had vivid flashbacks of the torn skin of the kitten in front of her house.

Source: The Star

Fursian Note: This is just incredibly scary and traumatising. Firstly, because a pet kitten was eaten alive and second it's like a scene from some horror movie. Some years ago, my parents' maid was possessed and I can totally understand how disturbing it is to be in that situation and to get over it. But thank goodness our maid didn't do any harm to my furkids or my niece or nephew. She's cured and still with us now. In this case however, the poor kitten became a victim. Whether the maid is indeed possessed or just psychologically disordered is still being ascertained. But as it stands, the abuse humans inflict on animals is just as serious or worse than what the 'evil spirit' here did. And it dawned upon me, there's absolutely not much difference between humans of today, and some evil hateful satans...

Think about it.....

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Kitten Cruelly Shot With Blow Darts In Taiwan

A two-month-old kitten miraculously survived, being pierced by not one, but three 15-cm-long blow darts in Taiwan.

According to a report on Want China Times, the kitten was brought to Yilan's Animal and Plant Disease Control Center, with the darts embedded in its body.

One dart had pinned the cat's left ear to the back of its neck, while the other two pierced its left front leg and left hind leg.

The kitten was heavily dosed with antibiotics to minimise the chance of infection while the darts were extracted from its body.

Despite the severity of its wounds, the kitten showed remarkable improvement since it was found and is quickly gaining strength.

Taiwanese authorities are still on the lookout for the culprit responsible.

Center staff have named her "Cheon Song-yi," after the protagonist of the popular Korean TV drama My Love from the Star played by Jun Ji-hyun.

Source: Stomp & Want China Times

Fursian note: Whenever there's an incident of major outcry, there's always few other incidents of similar nature or intent will take place in succession. I don't know why, but it has always been like that. For example, we look at this year alone, whenever there was an outcry about detainees dying lock-ups, there'll be few other similar cases that will follow up week after week. Whenever there's an air incident, like MH370, few other airlines will encounter issues as well. Like Malindo Air's engine which caught fire in mid-air, Dragonair flight was grounded and passengers trapped inside, Virgin Australia had an hijack scare after a drunk man tried to enter the cockpit. There were a lot more... At the moment, the isu panas is child-related cases involving abuse and rape.

Comparably in the pet world, after the whole outcry about Brianna who was shot by arrows, there you have it, another one. ( Click Here To Read About Brianna ). Although it wasn't arrows that were used, the abuser using blow darts to shoot this helpless kitten is identical in nature. Thank goodness the kitty survived this time and the darts didn't damage her internal organs. And the darts were not coated with poison, much to my relief. But I'm sure the poor baby is traumatised by the injuries. This world is full of sickos!!

Get well soon kitty. You're a strong girl!