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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Man Shoots Arrows At Dog Which Refused To Leave Gate

PETALING JAYA:  A man allegedly shot two arrows at a dog after it stood outside his gate and refused to leave on Tuesday night.

Allan Chong, a resident at Taman Sinaran in Taming Jaya said the dog was wearing a collar.

"By the time I got to the dog, my neighbour had already shot two arrows at it.

"One was lodged in its front leg and another in its back,'' said Chong.

He said the incident happened between 8.30 to 9.00pm, as he arrived home after an outing.

"I saw the man holding the bow and arrows and approaching the dog to shoot it again," alleged Chong.

He said he managed to move the dog away from the man's gate before calling the police.

The police advised him to lodge a report and tender the evidence to facilitate investigations.

Chong added he had not seen the dog in the area before and believed it was a lost dog trying to find its way home.

Meanwhile, MDDB project manager Melinda Joy Gomez condemned the man's action and said he could have used other methods to chase the dog away.

"He could have asked the help of neighbours who were dog owners or spray the poor animal with water instead of shooting it with arrows,'' said Gomez.

Source: The Star Online

Now this makes me absolutely livid. Who in the ****ing world will do this to a lost soul?? 

This is the scum of the earth who shot the dog!!! Look how much he's enjoying this!!!

The use of bow and arrow is nothing different to owning a firearm, like a gun. It is illegal to keep them in your house without a license. If he can use a dangerous weapon like this just to chase a dog away, imagine what he will do if he's angry with his neighbours? What if he discovers hair in his food? Shoot the restaurant owner? This scumbag is an extremist and should be jailed for possession of dangerous weapons and violent conduct! And we're not even talking about animal abuse yet. Look at the bystanders behind him. Are they trying to stop him or just watching? If not for the brave Allan Chong, this dog would've been dead. Thanks to Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) for guiding Allan when he lodged a complaint. The incident occurred at Jalan Sinaran 3, in Taman Sinaran, Kajang.

These are the arrows lodged in the body of the poor soul.

According to MDDB, the female dog is very good natured. She is a senior dog, about 12 years old based on her dentition. She is blind or partially blind. It is the reason why she was wandering around without knowing where to go. This explains why she just stood there while the man was shooting arrows at her. MDDB says, she must have gone to his house upon hearing voices, as she was starving. She also appears to have a hip dysplasia and that is another reason she could not run.

I'm sure the prick was aiming for the chest or the head but missed it. The dog is now under MDDB's care, awaiting for treatment. I will lodge a police report on this incident. This guy is dangerous not only to animals, but also to humans!!

And in the midst of this furore, there's another moron defending him:

What the hell is wrong with these psychos???!!


  1. Poor dog..
    He just lost his way and he might be starving..

  2. Maybe if his son lost in front of somebody house and been shoot at then he will understand what that poor soul feel like. I'm racesly and religiously embarrassing and insulted by my fellow melayu muslim.....

  3. did they realise that they are actually adding more to islamophobia?

  4. I am glad that the dog was rescued. Just could not comprehend this guy motive. Such an evil act by any standard. I hope justice will be served

    1. If this man can go freely with a bow and arrows, I would like to own a blowpipe and poison darts(just like my ancestors)...

  5. We should shelter the weak and the lost or blind...

  6. his appearance not show his attitude... dog and human are created by same creator.... why dia tergamak buat semua tu... akal ada tapi taknak guna.. pi letak kat lutut...

  7. Stupid morons!

  8. Imannya ditinggalkan di masjid agaknya!!! Sambil sambil tu tolong la tinggalkan kupiah tu sekali. What a moron. He is the kind that gives islam a bad name. I classify him just the same as those fanatic suicide bombers!

  9. He is worst than the animal and an idiot human with no brain he should live in the jungle with animals

  10. disgusting! he did allah proud.

  11. walau iman kuat sekalipun tapi HATI busuk xd guneny,,,anjing pun makhluk Allah,,manusia pun klo wat ksalahan di adili di mahkamah x diseksa@d bunuh sesuke hati,,,shame on u!!