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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Faithful Dog Waited Outside Hospital

Credit: Dogheirs

Faithful Dog Waited 8 Days Outside Hospital Before Reunited With Homeless Man 

A homeless man’s dog waited 8 days outside of a hospital for his owner's return. Seco is the faithful and loving companion of Lauri Costa, who lives on the streets of Passo Fundo in Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil.

Over a week ago, Lauri was violently assaulted and was hit with a stone in the face. He was taken to emergency hospital and Seco followed him. While being treated, Lauri was diagnosed with skin cancer and had to be hospitalized for surgery.

During that time, Seco waited outside the doors of the hospital. Moved by the dog’s loyalty, staff at the hospital gave Seco food and water. Noting how worried Seco was, doctors and nurses arranged for him to visit Lauri. A video was taken of their joyful reunion. In it, you can see how excited Seco is to see Lauri again.

This is what a dog's love is. You don't have to be a CEO or billionaire. The dog doesn't care if the world sees you as a nobody. The dog doesn't care if you're homeless, and you don't have a single cent in your pocket. A dog is.... love at its purest form.

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