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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Cat Murderer!

A fellow fursian sent this to my shock just awhile ago, after seeing it on the internet.

I'm still in the process of reaching the owner. There's apparently a debate going around on who caused this. Predator animals, humans, and the mother of the kitten which apparently eats its kitten. I dismiss the last suspect, although there is a small possibility. There are cases where kittens are eaten by the mother. But predominantly in those cases, the kitten is very young and not as 'grown up' as this.

Next, if it's eaten by predator animals, the stomach or gut will be consumed first. Moreover there's no blood trace or mess on the floor which is the scene of preying ( at least in this picture). That's quite unusual I think if it is eaten by a predator. The intestines are left out cleanly. Judging by the remains, it looks like someone did this elsewhere and left the body parts here. I may be wrong.

Having said that, there's a cat murderer in the vicinity and it calls for great concern and worry for cat owners in this area, believed to be Bangi at this point of time (location still not unverified). 

Somehow I really hope it's the work of predatory animals or perhaps even the mother. Because if this is done by a human, he's leaving these remains as a sign of warning or indication of his/her motives. That's really psychotic and it calls for a serious concern in the neighbourhood. Regardless it being humans or predator animals, it is time to be cautious with your furkids' whereabouts. 

What you think is the cause? Can it be the mother, predator animals or humans? :(


  1. May I know where this location is? I've got a 12 year old feline furkid that wanders the neighborhood at night, I don't want to wake up one day to find his grisly remains outside the door... :( RIP to that poor kitty. May the person who did this reap what he sow, threefold.

  2. According to one bomoh rituals.. this is one way to cast a very powerful spell on someone.. i got to know bout this coz my boss experience the same thing n he stays in bangi too..

  3. clean cut..human yang buat..definitely sangat kejam..huhu

  4. It's definitely humans doing!! Gila!!