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Thursday, 13 March 2014

A Change Of Career For My Security Dog

Chila has opted for a change of career after realising her job as a guard dog is far from glamorous and lacking bite. She was inspired by none other than.........


Name: Mahaguru Raja Bomoh Chila

Origin: From a bottle. According to Christina Aguilera, you gotta rub her the right way.

Some of her highest accomplishments: 

i) She's the only person in history who ordered a tosai in KFC and got it. 

ii) When Chila cuts herself, Rajinikanth's onions will cry. 

ii) She can poop a solid diarrhea while killing two stones with one bird.

At the moment, she's looking for assistants to help her 'row' the magic carpet with a spade. But if you ain't good enough, she'll call a spade a spade.

Watch her full interview on this show below. 

Date and time? Can't tell coz you remember this guy?


  1. hahaha!! cani pon bole! btw nice pic of her.. really looks like bomoh