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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Woman Gets 28 Stitches After Dog Attack

In the news today...

Retiree Gets 28 Stitches After Dog Attack

GEORGE TOWN: A retiree received 28 stitches on the head, arm and thigh after she was attacked by her neighbour’s German Shepherd in Bukit Jambul here.

The canine pounced on Badriah Hanani Abu Bakar, 53, and sunk its teeth into her thigh, ripping off part of her pants.

She slumped to the ground and hit her head hard, resulting in profuse bleeding.

Her husband Suhaimi Ismail, 60, watched in horror as the dog went on to bite his wife’s arm before its owner rushed out to grab it. The dog allegedly ran out of the house when its owner opened the gate.

“It all happened so fast. I remember screaming for help when I saw the dog barking and charging towards me. Then I blacked out after I fell down,” Badriah said at the Pantai Hospital in Jalan Tengah yesterday.

“The owner lives only four houses away from me and we have never seen that dog before.”

She received 13 stitches on the head, 12 on the left arm and three on the right thigh.

Badriah said she was talking to her neighbour outside her house when the incident happened at 8.15am on Sunday.

“I now worry for the other residents there.

“There are many kids playing and senior citizens taking walks in the mornings and evenings. What will happen if the dog attacks them?” Badriah said, adding that owners should keep their dogs from other residents, especially if the animals are aggressive.

It is learnt that the owner did not have a licence for his dog.

Suhaimi lodged reports at the Sungai Nibong police station, the Penang Municipal Council (MPPP) and the state Veterinary Services Department, which had since taken the canine away pending investigations.

Penang CID chief Senior Asst Comm Mazlan Kesah confirmed the incident.

MPPP Stray and Abandoned Dogs Committee chairman S. Sukumar said dogs owners who fail to obtain a licence for their pets would be fined RM100.

“It is the responsibility of the owners to take care of their dogs and to ensure that they do not harm others.”

Source: The Star

My take on this:  German Shepherd dogs ( GSD) are highly intelligent and have excellent temperament. Following this incident, some morons will surely call for the banning  of GSDs in the next few days, despite this being an isolated case. I would say, ban the owner not the dogs!  Intelligent and high-energy working breed dogs are not meant for cages. They're not meant for a sedentary life. Heck, they're German Shepherds. It's a herding dog for godsake. They need to be worked out and given ample of exercise. When the irresponsible owner fails to provide this, the dog becomes stressed and in the long run, it turns into aggression. The dog below is Quando, my very own GSD. He gets a lot of play time and exercise everyday WITHOUT FAIL. Even if I'm sick, he will get the workout he deserves. Alternate of cycling, long walks, high intensity ball chase and hiking. Not to forget plenty of socialisation, grooming/brushing and love. If you can't provide this, a working class dog is not for you. If you want to chain and cage your dog, don't even bother getting a dog. Get a barbie doll instead!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Water Spinach For Your Pets


A month ago, one of Malaysia's favourite vegetables took the centre stage on a grand scale. It's awkward to think that something so trivial like kangkung (also spelled as kangkong) can become such a huge social phenomenon. What a milestone for a leafy plant!! Like seriously? So famous and all, while I'm on the other hand just sitting over here picking up my dogs' poop every morning *low self-esteem creeping in*. Ok done with my emo segment lol. We all know where and how this kangkung thingy started. If you missed the whole issue, then I suspect you have that magical wardrobe which takes you to Narnia... Lucky you! Come back home soon...

Well, so many jokes, memes and photos circulated on the net after the whole shenanigans. So much so, Facebook and Twitter had never been greener. And on my part to make some money out of this entire outcry, I'm seriously considering to film this movie above...I'm sure it'll be a hit...Please support when it's out kay. :DD

All right, forget the comedy about the entire kangkung issue. What does it mean to us pet lovers? Since we know that kangkung is a food source for rabbits, turtles and tortoises, it is also crucial that we learn and understand about the significance behind the vegetable. Having said that, there's one complicated issue that surrounds kangkung, when it comes to health. Contrary to popular belief, kangkung or water spinach is not exactly good for tortoises and turtles. Apparently, the oxalic acid in kangkung reacts as 'anti-nutrients' and inhibits calcium intake. I asked few exotic pet owners, and they agreed. There were also those who insist they had given kangkung to their own pets and said, "My tortoise ok only. Didn't die also". I'm still trying to ascertain this fact from studies or reports, but alas, so far I couldn't find any. Honestly I have no expertise in the subject of this particular nutrition, and as of now, it still remains vague.

The same issue also surrounds rabbits. It is believed that bunnies should not be fed with kangkung because it has 'getah'. There are many who claim it causes stomachache and diarrhea. I asked few vets regarding this, some say yes, some say no. None of them have a concrete stance on the issue. There's also another opinion that rabbits in the wild can eat kangkung, but not the domesticated ones. So I went home and did some research, and I managed to find a study that debunks this notion. Here's the link:

This thorough study indicates that water spinach is a valuable feed resource for rabbits. It is said to provide adequate protein, energy and other essential  nutrients for growth. 

This is rather contradicting to the belief I've been hearing about the veggie. So what do you do now? I would usually believe detailed study and research evidence first hand. But, but... if you have anecdotal evidence, or observational proof that your rabbit gets sick or has diarrhea every time it consumes kangkung, then just don't feed at all lah. Yes, as simple as that.

If you're ambiguous about something you feed your pets, the easiest thing to do is, don't take the risks. I would like to personally invite those who have any valid information with regards to tortoise and rabbit nutrition, to share it with me and the readers here. Email me or drop your comments below. When I say valid information, please don't say:

"Aiya I feed my bunnies/tortoise kangkung, until now didn't die also". That's not even the slightest bit valid, nor it has any educational value in it. Bear in mind that even for dog food, there are so many controversial ingredients that can cause illnesses in the long term. It doesn't mean they're good just because dogs don't die immediately after eating them. A lot of them have long-term health issues. So let's try to churn out some genuine information regarding kangkung or kangkong or water spinach.. Be it from experience or studies. We are all here to learn eh?

Coz once you have no doubts, you and your pets can finally…