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Friday, 10 January 2014

Happy New Year!


Hellowww fursians,

The new year is upon us and everyone is busy with their resolutions. My resolution this time is to make the people I love happy. Anything that makes my loved ones happy. Family, furkids, friends. I'm just going to do anything that brings joy to them.

Like finding the perfect leaf? LOL.. At least Tabbie tried her best there. Ain't she cute? I think we all should emulate her spirit. :DDD

Well, have a great year ahead. The next entry will be a sequel to this post, where I'll recap my best memories of 2013. Furry memories, of course.

Earlier when I said family, furkids, friends... Of course it doesn't end there. Just to keep you in suspense. I'll never forsake you. I wuv you too Fursians. Yes you! Which means, based on your requests in emails and messages in FB, I need to post more to make you happy. And yes, I'm going to do just that in 2014 :)