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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Morals In Murals

Something presumably different this time. There was plenty of controversy last week pertaining to Lego figurines and graffiti art in Taman Molek, Johor. Yes, this one.

If you've missed the drama, I'll simplify it.

Lithuanian mural artist, Ernest Zacharevic made waves in the southern state last week, after drawing this piece of art. He said the art was just a true reflection of the crime rate in the state, and a sign of awareness for the people to be careful at all times. It became an instant hit. Lots of people started visiting the wall and took pictures with it.

However, the officials found the art truly offensive, adding that it gave a bad impression of the state to tourists. As a response, Zacharevic added a flower bouquet and posted this on his Facebook, calling it a "politically correct" version of his artwork. "There is nothing that flowers could not cover!" he said.

Long story short, the authorities adjusted the art initially by adding a policeman.

Then they whitewashed the art altogether by painting over it.

The best part was when the social media went buzzing over the issue. Everyone started to 'remake' the mural with their version as an idea to keep the street art there without offending anyone LOL. Here are some of them.

Being a fan of Lego, murals and of course an animal lover, here's my edited versions. Just for fun :D

The Doggy Version

The Kitty Version

Well, I have friends in Johor and according to many of them (not generalising), the crime rate in the state is quite frightening. Some of them have already become victims. Here's how a fellow friend described it. "In JB, I see my own shadow also I'm scared bro". I know it's not funny, but I really laughed when he said that.

There are also friends who asked me to look for trained guard dogs after their houses being broken into a couple of times. Some even (jokingly) asked me to pinjam my very own Defence Minister, Quando. Cannot lah, no way! haha.. 

On that note, I'd like stress that I don't quite like the idea of people getting dogs after their houses are broken into. You don't keep a dog because you're insecure. The rule of thumb is, you only get a dog if you really love dogs. That should come first. Same with any other pets. It's a relationship that comes with love and commitment. And what happens when the guard dog you bought doesn't turn out to be a good guard like you expected? Dump him and get another one? Listen, there are many other things you can invest to boost security. CCTV cameras, security alarm, improve relations with your neighbours and more.

Nevertheless, I guess crime is arguably rampant everywhere, and not just in Johor alone. Hence, it's important for us to remain vigilant and be extra cautious. Perhaps, in my opinion, if you see an art like this, it works as a better reminder than those cliche public service announcements (PSA) or pesanan khidmat masyarakat, which the government spends a lot money to put on TV and radio.

And one thing I'd like to ask the authorities...

If this mural above gives a bad image of our country to tourists, then why bother putting signs like this?

Dear logic, 
Rest In Peace

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