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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween Post - 20 Pawesome Pet Costumes

Halloween is here again and it's an exciting time for those who don't like to be themselves! *cricket noise*

I mean like really....I don't quite want to delve into the whole significance thingy. But I'll tell you this, what I discovered from my school days was, Halloween is a day to dress up in costumes and be somebody else. So for me, it's like a day for escapism. To be honest it's really fun. Subsequently, pet lovers have taken this tradition to their furkids in order to enjoy the celebration together.

So here I have the 20 Most Pawesome Pet Costumes.

20.  His majesty looks really handsome in this. Narnia inspired!

19. This bunny supposed to be Robin. But it looks more like a bank robber here.

18: Harry Potter and Fluffy

Every night after work, I'll usually feed stray dogs here and there. But if I see a dog like this somewhere, I swear I lari tak cukup tanah. Scary wei..

17: First time I see geese dressed up like this. Really Adorable! Although the big ass and vibrant colours kinda remind me of Nicki Minaj.

16: The Disinterested Race Horse

I reckon the race format must be changed to race for food?

15.  The Great White Shark

Imagine if sharks have hard shells..I think everyone in the movie 'Jaws' would have died.

14.  A Pile Of Leaves

This is probably the most ridiculous costume ever. I laughed so hard at this. I love the 'do I look like I care about creativity' attitude in this. This costume is particularly good for surveillance and camouflage. Imagine thieves jumping over your fence and then suddenly that pile of leaves in the garden wakes up and chases them. LOL.

13.  The Reluctant Bride

A look like this on wedding day, makes every divorce lawyer happy. No?

12. I don't care who he's playing...

This gentleman here, hats off sir!

11. The Pirates. LOL

Just stealing some stuff. Must be the treats from my cabinet.

10. Tiger

The friendliest tiger you'll ever meet. He wants cuddles. Beware!!

9.  Spider Pup

This one comes with the caption from the owner. I love it!!

8. The King of Jungle

Curiousity kinged the cat

7. The Zombie Dog

If there's one animal that can wear this costume to perfection, it has to be the Basset Hound. Their droopy eyes and 'zombiefied' look can never go wrong in this avatar. Real badass costume for Halloween!  Look at his face. Really menjiwai watak habes!

6.  The Skeleton Horse

Think about this horse running at night somewhere. People who see it from some distance will have a story to tell their grandkids.

5.  Elvis Presley

The King of Rock and Roll. I can tell that the legend himself is smiling in his grave looking at this. Let's rock this party people jjyeah!!!

4. Thor

Personally I'm a fan of the Thor film, and this is just super cuteeeeee...hahaha. Look at him. Since, this Halloween falls on Thursday, I would like to call it a Thorsday instead! :DD

3. Pandog

I can safely say that everyone loves panda. Like, who can hate a panda right? And since pandas are rare and threatened by extinction, God thought about it and created Chow Chows. The pups are so pandy and uncanny! Look at them lah.. OMGGGG!!

2. PiCATchu

Siren...........Pokemon fan alert! Pikachu has to be one of the cartoon characters that made a huge mark across the globe. If you're taking this baby to a party, make sure you practice a No-Borrow-Policy. Because once someone pinjam to cuddle,  people are going to run away with it. How to resisttt.....

1. Alligator Dog Mermaid?

Wait..like what do you even call this costume? LMAO

For me, this costume bags the number one spot simply because it's so creative and like WTF. It's a real head-turner. Thinking of how it will look like when the dog is running is just hilarious. One poor thing though, when the dog takes a crap, the crocodile will look like an organic Indah Water.

And there you have it. My list of 20 Pawesome Pet Costumes. Of course there were others, but these are the ones that really caught my attention for each of their unique wackiness. 

Let me know what's your personal favourite too! 

Happy Halloween fursians :)


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