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Friday, 18 October 2013

Flatter Over Fat

The statistic above is a worrying FACT. The figures were released by the Health Ministry last month, and went on to note that: Obesity is a serious health problem in Malaysia, with 8.5 million people having weight issues. About 4.4 million people are categorized as obese.

"This is an alarming scenario and the figure is expected to increase if there is no effort to curb the problem and no awareness among the people. Death caused by Non-communicable disease (NCD) is expected to increase 17 per cent over the next 10 years." -Health Minister, Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam

This is a stark reminder of our current lifestyle, and the health hazards that come with it. Awareness is certainly something that's always been mentioned here, and I guess it's all going to be about exercise and healthy diet. However, I believe there should also be some form of awareness for the public, to help obese people. Obesity used to be a condition, and now it's recognised as a disease. Sadly, there's still plenty of vile discrimination towards people suffering from it at workplaces, schools and even within family itself. I think the complexity of obesity is something people are failing to understand. And why is this so? Perhaps we are not informed enough, or some of us have no regard for the disease. What's even more sad is how people often look negatively at overweight people, without realising that many of them don't have control over their weight. Not everyone is obese due to overeating McDonald's, you know. Medication, hormones, childbirth, sickness, fibroids, genetic issues and other factors make a whole lot of mess to our body. So stop the stigma and don't discriminate. What a waste to have educated people around you who judge you based on your waist. *I bet some lame rapper gonna steal this rhyme for his song soon*

Ok moving on..wait...something huge is blocking my way..OMG, it's a fluffy fur ball cikebombom!!

There you go.. Ironically, while obesity among people is something that's stigmatised, it's totally a different case when it comes to your pets, especially cats. Let's face it, people love fat cats! Maybe not all, but most people. Apparently they look cute, eh? Ok I won't deny that. I feel you. They do look super duper cute and cuddly *guilty face*. Then there are invention of terminologies like, fattybombom, chubbybi, genduts, gomok, debab, montels and more, for us to embrace feline obesity, as we unconsciously sink in the cuteness. In contrast to humans, we are actually glorifying fat cats. Why?

Suddenly I feel like the complexity of our perception towards weight in itself, is a disorder. A disease in understanding a disease..?? *grasping my chin and looking up to the sky for divine enlightenment* I'll let you know the answer when I get it later.

Ok, I'm not gonna delve deep into the health problems of overweight cats in this post. We've featured lots of articles regarding this in our Petster magazine, and you can check it out. Basically, to reiterate, the problems aren't very different from humans' actually. A few examples:
  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • Stress on the heart.
  • Joint, tendon and ligament problems that can lead to lameness and arthritis.
  • Skin disorders due to the cat having difficulty grooming himself.
  • Shortened lifespan.
I think some of you are still relaxed, because these names have become too common to sound life-threatening. Hmmm... Let's look at it this way...

Even...even when a cat which appears to be in an acceptable weight, (not very fat, just a little) an unbalanced diet can accumulate lots of fat inside their bodies. Reality check coming soon with a scroll down..

credit: catinfo.org

According to Dr Lisa A. Pierson, (DVM), this is a cat being fed a high carbohydrate dry food diet and you can see what his insides looked like. All of the light-colored tissue is fat. There is so much fat inside of this cat that his kidneys (oval, pink organs) are barely visible.  Some of you may also have heard of 'omental fat' that human nutritionists and doctors talk about, when discussing risk factors for death in overweight humans. On the left side of the top picture, and the right side of the bottom picture - you will see omental fat.

credit: catinfo.org

Isn't that gruesome? And this is not even in a distinctly obese looking cat's body. Imagine, what's on the inside of a real overweight cat? So it's about time for us to save our cats. Let's start with dropping that feel good factor regarding the oversize-ness and chubbiness of our furkids. Don't feed on the comments people make such as: "OMG your cat is so fat and fluffy!" Flattering, no more. It's a reminder for myself too.The longer people make these sort of comments, the more you're failing to act in keeping your cat healthy. Let's encourage our friends to keep their cats in an ideal weight instead of glorifying their size. I know it's hard to resist fat cats..LOL..But let's try okay.. In fact, the term, 'you are what you eat' definitely applies to your cats in this case. So let's help them and be responsible by feeding them the right diet. We want to live a long life with our furkids, right? The key for that is hidden and concealed deep among the fat jellies you saw in the picture above. Clear those fat, and you'll find the key. It's that easy. 

Also, kuatkan semangat, and don't fall for their cute inducing, hypnotic ability of fattybombom power anymore! Even if they ask you...

Do I look thinner in this dress?

I think I finally got the enlightenment to the question I asked myself earlier. Why do we glorify obese cats as opposed to humans? I think we animal lovers get so engrossed and absorbed in our love for animals, that we even love their imperfections and make cute names for them. Don't you think so? Or at least that's what I feel. Well, let's start working on our cats' health...TODAY. That should be the ultimate expression of our love to them!

Soon I will post ways to keep ideal-sized cats. If you have successfully trimmed the sizes of you cats before, email and share your experience with me. I'd blog it here for everyone to share. :)

Disclaimer: This post was meant to be educational and by no means aimed at condescending anyone. If you think it offends you, then you didn't read the entire post.
#credits: Catinfo.org

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