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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Brute-Force Against The Weak

I was supposed to post something entertaining this week. More so after I posted an entry about a footballer throwing a dog last week. Unfortunately, this grisly video intervened the scheduled post. And it's seriously disturbing. I'm so mad and disgusted after watching it. The video went viral about two days ago. I'm sure some of you have watched it. I also received calls from friends talking about it, and some said they cried.

Here's the sick incident again: WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT

The incident happened in Hawthorne, California.

Leon Rosby the owner of the dog and other bystanders were recording a developing situation (police raid) in their neighbourhood. 52 year-old Leon Rosby, was also walking his dog around the area. He was later asked to turn down the loud music coming from his car by the officers. Some verbal exchange ensued.

Eventually, Rosby calmly secured his dog in the car, walked over to the officers and turned around, volunteering himself for arrest. As the officers put handcuffs on Rosby, the dog started barking and managed to jump out of the car. The dog was worried about the master and tried to protect him. To my dismay, another officer quickly came and killed the innocent dog within seconds.

'He literally killed my puppy I had since he was 6 weeks old,' Rosby said.

'I was crying and hollering, "My dog! Max! Max!"'

Rosby doesn't understand why police didn't let him go to properly secure his dog again, or why they continued to arrest him after he put the dog in the car - a sign that he was leaving.

'There was no way Max should have died like that,' Rosby said.

'Max was only protecting his master. He was trying to stop them from beating on me. All he did was love me,' he added.

Moments before Max was secured in the car. He was calm and happy. He was looking at the camera. Not knowing that his life will be needlessly taken away in the next minute.

Rosby was held overnight in jail on suspicion of obstruction of justice and he was released the next day.
Rosby says that police would not return his dog's body to him. His attorney says that Rosby is planning on filing a lawsuit against the Hawthorne Police Department.

Rosby believes the officer who fired the shots, Jeffrey Salmon, was coming to kill him. In an interview with Bright Cove, Rosby stated

"As I was turning this way, I turned around and my dog jumped out of the car. I said 'Max no' and a third officer came this way and he had his gun drawn already so he came over here to kill me."

It was then Max went to defend his owner. One shot had the dog subdued and backing away from the officers. Salmon decided to fire his weapon an addition of three times, ending the dogs life before several horrified witnesses.

The blood stains are still on the street where the murder occurred. They support Rosby's statement that Max was trying to get away.

Rosby's emotional interview:

Apparently the officer who shot Max has a bad record. This isn't the first time officer Jeffrey Salmon has been in trouble for actions he took during an arrest. In 2006, Salmon was one of several officers charged with alleged deprivation of civil rights resulting from excessive force, denial of medical treatment and malicious prosecution, stemming from an incident that occurred at a party.

Now that this shooting incident has become a public outcry and I'm sure animal lovers in the US will push this matter. Their country is in the midst of a huge discourse regarding gun ownership among citizens, following series of shooting incidents. The debate is still ongoing. But now, it appears that the AUTHORITIES TOO need some education on guns. This trigger-happy cop with a history of violence should be sent to jail. It could have been easier to use taser or pepper spay if the dog was really obstructing one's duty.

Here are some "vulgarity-free" reactions from the public. Taken from The Examiner :-

I expect they will strip off Salmon's badge just to calm down the public. But the trauma Salmon inflicted on the owner and the onlookers deserves heavier punishment. I rang a few friends in the States, who unanimously agree that taser and pepper spray work well with dogs and had been used widely in similar situations. And in Malaysia, we're not spared from cases of alleged brutality by officers. Let's not generalise.. If you follow the current issues, people are dying in lockups ( case is still under investigation ), councils are allegedly catching dogs and cats in a cruel manner and the list goes on. Today this happened in the US, tomorrow it MAY happen here. And IF it happens here, the punishment against animal abuse is so hopeless that it will be just another honeymoon for the perpetrators. It's sad but true... Let's pray and hope we will never have to deal with such an issue. Let's work together to tighten and solidify the existing law, so that one day we don't have to argue about what's right and wrong.

And I can actually feel Rosby's pain and trauma to watch his dog dying like that before him. I know how much it hurts..Because when I was seven, my dog Blacky was shot to death about 6-feet away..., Right in front of my helpless eyes by the council's dog catchers in Perak..(back then the Majlis used guns to hunt dogs).  I remember his cries. His painful jerk and struggle.. I remember the blood stain on my cloth and hands. After watching this video, my old wounds are reopened.

Rest in peace Max...You didn't deserve this!

(more updates will follow)


  1. ashakie jiyeon5 July 2013 at 15:04

    this stupid mother fucker ass cops doesn't have a big reason to shot the dog..max is an animal and he is a human..so he could not get a similarity an animal wif a human..as a conclusion he got a short fucking brain that he doesn't know how to thinking wisely..court have to held that the murderer even had killed an animal got to bring in jail!!!

  2. i'm crying!..its hurt me alot~

    RIP dear Max..

  3. WTF man..asshole motherfucker cop..they shouldn't give him any gun..that dog's bite cant kill you and why the fuck you use your gun..and I feel so sad about Max..RIP Max.. you're the most loyal and protecting dog I've ever seen..And I feel so sorry that you faced the devil cop like that..

  4. my heart is broken :'( and I'm so sorry for your loss too :'(

  5. Fucking Police whom kill the dog !!! You must also death !!!

  6. KillS2pidCop _I_5 July 2013 at 22:47

    its very sad the way that dog strugling the pain! i hate that cop! that kind of person should not be a cop!

  7. Max just want to defend his master..& show how loyal he are.. the policeman should fired for the overpower he used to the dog & it called 'ABUSED'.. this tragic is very hurt to the master & all of us who watch this video.. Max not deserve to died like this.. we r human, we have 1000 way to think & control our self..

  8. Fuck the police!!! Fuck the power!! I don't understand, why they had to do that? Just because they think Max is dangerous? This is called Animal abused, and this has angered the animal lovers all over the world,not just US. The police should be fired. RIP Max, you don't deserve to die in this way, and you show how much loyal you are to your master...

  9. how come.... kejam sangat... that dog just wanna protect his master....

  10. do not have courage to watch that vid.. i already feel pain juz by read all this post out.. rip my dear max.. hope u will find ur justice and let that fucker police deserve what he should get