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Monday, 29 July 2013

The Real King Of Fruits! Part 2

Well, many months have passed and did I promise to tell you what is the progress of this new-found toy-craze with the kiddos?

Of course I did. Frankly, the use of coconuts in place of rubber ball may sound stupid but it's just very economical for me. Just like the rubber ball, the coconuts too get destroyed.  But at least you don't feel like "oh nooooo" when it's battered. Let me tell you why. After months of observation, in this case, I can affirm that the coconuts last for about 5-7 days; they'll break into two after two days. Gradually they'll be shredded apart and then it's goodbye, which means time for a new one.

I must say Chila had been keeping herself very busy all the time since the arrival of the coconuts. She's been sleeping well too with all that high-drive and superdog-energy in her being put to some use. I also noticed her teeth have become cleaner as the tears the fruit. In case you're wondering if she has been eating the coconut husk, no absolutely not. Just ripping them apart. But in my defense (or hers...) it's very energy consuming and a good exercise.
credit: richardbarrow.com

One strange thing is, I've always had this knack of checking out nicely-modified cars while on the road. But lately I've been checking out coconut trees instead. Every time I see a short tree that's easy to climb, I'll definitely stop and count my blessings. On top of that, some people in my Taman have probably concluded that I'm crazy, whenever I request to pluck their coconuts. This especially happens when I selectively pluck the small fruits. They will ask why take the small ones. The moment I tell the actual purpose behind my coconut plucking, they go like:

So yeah, I'm crazy. But why not eh :D

Soon this thing took a twist... As Chila started playing with the coconut everyday, my male dog (Quando) slowly got influenced by the behaviour. This was pretty unusual as Quando is the last person I'd expect to be influenced.

That's Quando up there. He's probably the most macho and handsome German Shepherd I've ever owned. He has this touch of arrogance, calmness and class about him. He's very territorial and a no-nonsense character. In other words, he's a serious dog lah...But, I didn't know that was about to change when the coconut-toy came into his life.

Silly me, I actually underestimated Chila's ability to influence the alpha dog. But she proved me wrong. I started noticing Quando trying to steal or sometimes snatch the coconut from Chila's mouth. This turned into a tugging war between them. Quando also started to play fetch with the coconuts. He later became so engrossed with the coconut just like Chila and will never leave the house without it. WTF..what is it with coconuts and my dogs..LOL

Here are some bits from the romance between them:

The headbanging dance: In this particular dance, he will grab the coconut with his huge mouth and swing the head left and right, up and down. This can last about 30 seconds. After seeing this, I probably would want to bring him to some rock concert soon.

Party people, why take ecstasy pills and go to jail? Bite a coconut and dance y'all..

The Yoga: Stretching and flexing your body can do wonders. Breathe in....breath out...breathe in slowly.....breathe out..... He'll just fall asleep like this in a bit. No scientific evidence whether what I believe is exactly what's going on here.

Fetch in a flash: This is where his high drive is demonstrated. I will just throw the coconut as far as I can. He will fly in a flash and retrieve it. Great work out.

Coconut Body Slide: This is a routine where the coconut is assumed as if it has come to life. He likes to release it on his body and see it roll down. Every time the fruit is thrown or rolled around, it moves and Quando gets excited, probably thinking that the coconut is actually interacting with him. Like it's trying to run away from him or something. He'll do it again and again. Silly boy.

The Coconut Face-Off: This face-off has no meaning whatsoever. God knows why they do this every now and then.

The Steamroller: Attempting to roll on top of the coconut repeatedly. This has been found to bring out sensual expressions in him.

I know right. It's just getting so gedik. All the pride I had about his macho-ness vanished just like that. There's a real battle of jealousy going on between him and Chila ever since. Both of them appear as if they're bragging about their precious 'toy' and teasing each other. Probably that explains the meaningless face-off up here. And with all that romance, I can only come to one conclusion. Quando is seriously in love of with the coconuts. Nothing can separate them apart now. Not even a sinking ship.

Anyways I'm not propagating that you should stop buying rubber balls and switch to coconuts. I'm just sharing my children's antics at home. Although a coconut can last up to 5 days, I usually only use for a day and change to a new one the next day. Simply because I don't want any ingestion of bacteria (or at least that's what I think). And I only use the coconuts sparingly whenever there is no rubber ball in stock. So at least there's something to replace their craving. It also makes them less bored of their toys, because I constantly change them, and there's always something fresh in terms of the functionality.

Having said that, I believe the kids are now very occupied under their own 'coconut shells'. This is a serious business for them now.  And when duty calls, there's just too much at stake to decide...


  1. Nice tips for GSD workout...Nanti nak try kat Mama Rossy pulak...Btw, Chila & Quando so gemuk and gedik...hahahaha

    1. tak sempat nak tengok Rossy main. RIP dear Rossy :(

    2. broke my heart reading this.

  2. aduh... post nie buat saya tersenyum... :)

  3. Awww! Your dogs are so cute!!

  4. hai shawn...i baru tengok u nye blog...PH yg "indirectly" bwk i ke sini..hehe...neway, tq..ur post make me smile..im having not so good day today... :)

    1. I'm hoping you'll smile everyday. Thank you for dropping by :)

  5. i keep reading this and part 1 over and over again

    1. yeap.. still repeatedly reading them till now.. i dont know why but this love story of them and coconut makes me LOL like all the time.. so everytime im stressed, i will be here and in part 1 story.. thumbs up!