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Thursday, 13 June 2013

15 Furry Divine Rules

The general election just passed us like a flash after so much of uproar and hoo haa...
If you missed my entry prior to the election, click here: Our Leaders Are Our Masters

Well now, the ministers have been sworn-in and the cabinet is ready to perform its duties.
Even after the elections, lots of politicking had been brewing up. Sometimes, I feel it's good because it keeps everyone on their toes. Simply put, check and balance. Pressure eradicates complacency. Nevertheless be wise and don't just believe everything on the internet. At the moment I believe, whichever party you support we all want a better Malaysia for us and more importantly for the animals. I expect further amendments to the law in protecting our furry siblings, or at least better enforcement of the existing ones. As rakyats, we certainly have high hopes for the next crucial five years. FIVE YEARS indeed. That's a looooooong time and a lot can happen during that period.. So here are the 15 Rules that our lovely four-legged babies put in a visual message for those in power!

Note: If you have a slow internet connection, please wait for the motion images (GIF) to load. If some are not moving, click on the image or refresh your page. Takes some time to load. Thank you for your patience. :)

.....Here we go.....

1# Be polite and well mannered

2# Don't steal from us

3# Don't wash your hands after winning the election. Make sure you deliver your promises

4# Don't play hide and seek when we need you to solve our problems

5# Don't make our lives difficult and ride on our hardship

6#  Stop being perverts and sexually harass innocent rakyats, in return for favours.
Make us comfortable when we pay a visit to your office.

7# Protect everyone who follow your lead, 
regardless of race, religion and background

8# Give everyone equal rights to work their way up

 9# Don't backstab anyone. Even your opponent

10# Don't fool the people by promising the moon and the stars, when in fact they're going nowhere

11# Don't just sit in the office and scratch balls.
Go to the ground and work. Turun padang.

12# Don't overreact and become extremely sensitive to small issues.
Being in power, you need calm and composure to deal with problems

13# Love the people, even if they don't know you do

14# Don't bring the entire nation down due to your own stupidity and selfishness

15# and last but not least.....
Don't be fake and pretentious to gain our respect, sympathy and vote

Well that's close to perfect. No one can put all these messages any better than our lovely furblings! It's about time to apply it. You have 5 years! Goodluck


  1. hahaha nice entry lah bro shawn...very meaningful...!! thx

    1. i agree! great content & funny gifs! i love the video for the #12 gif. never fails to make my day!


  2. I looooiiikkkeeeee! Furbabies u show them n mean it!