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Friday, 10 May 2013

Animals Don't Discriminate

In light of the just concluded 13th General Elections, there's certainly a political divide and outcry over the social media. Again, I'm not going to side any political party. Congratulations to those who won and for those who didn't there's always next time. As I write this, I'm extremely saddened that some of my animal-lover friends went separate ways due to some conflict over Facebook postings related to the election. Only a couple of weeks ago, we sat together and spoke about starting a program involving school children, and nurturing the love for animals among the young. But looks like they've just got so much differences now, apart from the fact that they all love animals. But it doesn't matter anymore because the rift went too far. Silly season it is..

Subsequently, as the Internet buzzed with tension, another issue that gained plenty of discourse is racism. Let’s not argue about who started it first. What’s more important is, we show that no one can take our unity away from us. It’s like someone tells you that your parents don’t love you anymore. I think most of us will be unfazed and unperturbed because we know for sure that they love us. Maybe we don’t agree with our parents on everything. But we love them no doubt. Any attempt to influence or quash that belief will fail miserably. Similarly, racial unity should come to a threshold of immunity among us. Something that can’t be affected by hatred mongering and finger pointing parasites.

Some lovely likes and comments left by my fellow Fursians

Why am I harping on about unity in a Pet Blog? Why not? Even if this blog is a site for gynecology, I will still champion unity. Well, jokes aside, being animal lovers, I believe we’re still the minorities in this country. We have a long, long way to go before we can fully educate the citizens about animal rights and the need to stand up for them. If we are not united in our cause, then we’ll just waste our time blaming and fighting among ourselves over something that was never a problem in the first place. The voice of our furry siblings will become insignificant altogether. We’ll be too busy looking after our own interests and the animals will be left rotting in their misery. We have to exorcise this demon in us. Now now....

I’d like to take A Fortress of Fur for example.  There are three entities that I closely work with behind the scene who make part of this page.  Editor in Chief of PETSTER Magazine William Tan and renowned animal activist Papa Hero from Kakimotong Fan Club. Along with me L'Shawn Tanis, we make an awesome fursome team of what I call a true Malaysia. William-Chinese, Papa Hero-Malay and Me-Indian. The three of us get along very well without prejudice. It never crossed our minds on what race we are.We speak the same goals and vision. We do not care about our differences, and we stay true to our values of being Malaysians. I’m proud to be able to work with these two incredible brothers. I’m forever indebted to Malaysia for giving me this pleasure of harmony beyond colour and creed.


Before I end, it's ironic that the lesson on discrimination is best delivered by our furkids. Just look at them. They’ve never judged us based on our colour. For them we’re all the same. And the last time I checked, humans should be able to think better, no?

You heard that? 
Now let’s unite fursians! 

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