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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Emotional Attachments (Part 2)

Couple of weeks ago, I posted a touching story about a dog called Tommy aka Ciccio in Italy. Two months after his owner died, heartbroken Tommy keeps turning up each day at the church where the owner used to attend. The church is also the place where his owner's funeral was held.

If you haven’t read about it yet, please go to the PART 1 . MUST READ (click here)

Here’s an update on Tommy’s condition now. It is with much sadness that I post this news that Tommy has passed away. Yes, Tommy the Italian Hachiko has passed away.

From the day I posted the PART 1, a lot had happened to Tommy. He definitely went through too much of pain and stress, on top of the heartbreak of losing his ‘mother’.  There was certainly plenty of drama that took place. Tommy’s loyalty became the talk of media and people across the globe. This led to journalists swarming the village of San Donaci everyday to get the latest development about Tommy. That also probably made some people taking advantage of the situation.

According to sources straight from Italy, the Mayor of San Donaci Demenico Serio had quickly declared that the dog belongs to the community and neighbourhood. He had also entrusted a villager to take care of Tommy. Animal lovers’ forums however claimed that the move was to keep the spotlight on the village, as the popularity of San Donaci was rising by the day due to Tommy. It then became a legal custody battle in court when Maria Lochi’s son Sebastian Mapelli claimed the ownership rights for Tommy. However the Mayor along with the local Municipal Police refused to give Tommy away. It was also reported that Tommy’s foster parents have kept him locked in their shop house. Apparently they fear that Tommy would be taken away if he is allowed free-run. This was because Tommy is the most talked about dog in the world at the moment. All of a sudden, Tommy became a very valuable asset. The authorities reportedly only took him out whenever Tommy needs to make media appearances. Tommy’s life from being a happy dog, was shattered after his owner Maria Lochi passed away. Then all that was left was freedom. But that too is gone now. His life had been turned into a jail of sorts.

Animal associations have accused the city government of having “caught” and “kidnapped” Tommy. Finally the case was solved after weeks of custody battle. Sebastian finally got back Tommy. But when he received Tommy from the authorities, the dog was worn out and ill. Sebastian and other NGOs lashed out angrily at everyone who made Tommy an object for publicity. While the local police denied this, Tommy’s ailing condition when he was returned back to his family was proof that the custody battle and publicity was too much for him to take.

By now (11 February), Tommy was battling for his life. A devastated Sebastian told the Sud Italia News,
“Everyone wanted to adopt him, even from Ireland. Residents of San Donaci even spoke about collecting some money for him. Everyone even went to the hairdresser in order to look good for the media photos. But now that Tommy is dying, there is no one who wants to help him anymore. They’re all gone.” 

Sebastian and the hospital was trying everything they could to revive Tommy. However, his condition worsened. He didn’t even have the strength to swallow both food and water by now. He was barely hanging in there.

On the 13th of February, Sebastian wrote this on his Facebook…
“Unfortunately I have to give everyone sad news...Tommy is no longer with us! He died in his sleep at 15:45 due to a cardiac arrest.”

The headline reads: Tommy has reached his saviour

Perhaps our world is not a place for an angel like Tommy. This story also shows the ugly side of humans who will do anything to gain some sort of mileage. Tommy’s loyalty, love and devotion to his late ‘mother’ was exploited by certain quarters. He became a circus animal ever since. Even though the authorities deny this, it is very contradicting. Why were they so interested in getting the custody of Tommy? The village of San Donaci reportedly has an estimated 200 strays. If the authorities were sincere in helping strays, why don’t they help the others? Why Tommy?

Sebastian Mapelli with Tommy in his last moments

Messages from everyone who knew about Tommy came pouring after his death.

Veterinarians believe Tommy died due to diseases.

Some NGOs believe the authorities were indirectly responsible for his death.

While according to the Examiner.com, the villagers believe that after waiting for months for Maria to return to the Church where he had last seen her, Tommy finally realized that she was not going to come back to him and that it was time for him to go to her.

Whatever the reason behind it, I believe Tommy is now reunited with Maria.  His owner...his mother...his guardian..The person who took care of him when he was unwanted and was left abandoned as a stray.

Tommy’s emotionally moving tale should be made into a movie like Hachiko. There are absolutely plenty of messages and morals it can tell the whole world. Just so that Tommy's incredible story won't fade over time, I wish to do my small part. I will dedicate every 13th of February for Tommy and re-post this entry to remember him. Rest in peace Maria...Rest in peace Tommy. We love you!


  1. lovely tale with a sad ending :(

    Your content is very interesting and I love your blog!

  2. I just got the chance to read your entry... This dog really remind me of this one Japanese legendary dog named Hachiko... Thnx for sharing... It really did got my tears fally down now... RIP Tommy.. The world is just too cruel for you...

    1. Yes reminds us of Hachi. You're welcome. :)

  3. i'm crying when reading this story .. so sad.. :(

  4. the beauty of a noble dog.. one more ugly side of humans.. I dedicate the song 'Vincent' to Tommy..

  5. Proves that sometimes human behaves worse than an animal.Selfish bastards.