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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Don't Discriminate Crows - They're Awesome Birds

Crows…not many people find these particular birds attractive. Nevertheless, I always feed the crows around my housing area, and this made my neighbours fuming about it. Apparently, they say, the sight of crows around the house before going out somewhere is a bad omen and brings misfortune. So I went and asked around a few people in the city about crows. These were some of the exact labeling I got: Scavengers, thieves, trouble makers, noisy f**kers, they bring bad luck, they shit on people, they shit on cars and etc. (I must say I was disappointed with the answers.)

Despite all the bad impression about crows, there’s this one simple fable in children story books that actually reflects the truth about crows and what they’re made off. I first read this story in Bahasa Melayu. It was titled : ‘Sang Gagak dan Sebuah Kendi’.  Up until today this fable has a legendary status.. Even recently I saw the same version in my niece’s English story book titled ‘The Thirsty Crow’. Evergreen!

Crow and pitcher by Akirichan

I’m sure many of you have heard of this story. (Just to recall, click here.)  But have you ever asked why it was a crow that was chosen to deliver the moral in this story?  If you know, that’s great!  If you don’t, here’s why.  It’s simply because crows are the smartest bird species on the planet and one of the most intelligent animals in the world. In fact don’t be surprised that a recent study by University of Auckland, New Zealand has indicated that crows are smarter than chimpanzees in many ways. 

Let’s delve in a little deeper. There are times we humans can’t recognize the faces of people that we had interacted with. I mean even at close proximity we'll struggle to recall our memory. However, crows can remember faces of humans for a lifetime and they don’t even need to come near you to identify. And if you ever mess with a crow, you’re definitely high on its list. Even after many years, if you bump into that crow again, it can remember you so well and will alert its friends to attack you. No kidding people. Its scientifically proven!

Crows are also one of the very few animals that can use tools to achieve its goal. Put a piece of meat inside a tube or container beyond the crows reach and leave a wire nearby. The crow will waste no time, no trial and error.  It will grab the wire, and bend it into hook and pull the meat out.

Besides, crows also understand the laws of physics and use it to adapt and survive alongside humans. If a crow wants to break a walnut, it will drop the nut from high altitude. Not only that they understand gravity and impact, crows precisely know how high they should fly and drop a particular nut in order to achieve the desired result when it hits the ground. No no wait..Ground is too general. Crows are way smarter than that. They know that dropping the nut on a field or soil won’t break the shell. Hence, they will specifically drop the nut on the road or on hard surface only. This is an example how crows actually understand gravity and the Newton's Laws. ( I seriously think if  I grew up with crows, I would've got an 'A' in physics for my SPM)

What if this nut-crashing strategy doesn’t work out? 
Crows today are advanced.  What they do? They drop the walnut in the middle of the road and wait at the side. When cars pass by, the nuts will break and the crows get the job done with ease.  Besides, crows know that they don’t have 9 lives like cats. They’ve come to realize that they could be run over by oncoming cars when attempting to pick up the broken nuts..So how? They've observed human behavior and looked for new solutions… As a result, crows upgraded their skills.

Today, crows actually find zebra crossing with traffic lights, drop the nut on the crossing and get it overrun by cars. Next, they wait until the traffic light turns red and make sure the green man signal for pedestrians blinks. While the cars stop, this is when the crows take their sweet time and gloriously pick up their happy meals. Safety first lah!  So if you realise, crows are sooo smart that they even know how to utilise cars, traffic flow, zebra crossing and traffic lights to their advantage.  And if you’re one them who always beat the traffic light, shame on you! Coz if the crows know how to use the traffic lights,…..* well I don’t even need to complete this sentence*....

So the next time you bump into some crows, make sure you appreciate and realize that it is your closest encounter, to one of the nature’s smartest beings. One thing I must say, crows deserve a lot more respect than what we've given them all this while. And to my neighbours, if your life is ridden with problems, don't blame the crows and the bad luck they've brought to you . Instead, learn how crows use their brains to solve their problems and how they've become one of the toughest survivors in the animal kingdom!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Rumours & Haters....

So here we go. 2013 is here and there’s nothing more sensational than starting the new year with some controversy. Just so you know, there’s been a lot of rumours and lies, circulated around and about PETSTER lately. One major headline that took us by surprise was that PETSTER has gone bankrupt and is closing down its business this year. When PETSTER’s founder William Tan heard this while eating his meal, the food sprayed out of his mouth and his plastic nose just fell off.  Yes, he's an avid fan of plastic surgeries. LOL.. No I’m just kidding. But I wouldn’t be surprised if such rumours are being made up as well. The measurement for stupidity in rumours is just limitless.

Back to the real gossip now. Some had asked  us about the shut down. Some of us also received “mystery calls” to join them on board once PETSTER is closed down. The worst lie of all in the same story was that PETSTER  is about to run away with people’s money. ( *rolls eyes*) As if  lah, the people are paying their income tax to PETSTER and as if we're a Bank. I really don’t see where this "people’s money" fits in the business of PETSTER.  More so when the magazine is FREE! ( Dear rumour-scientist, please do more research next time! )

Then came another twist in the tale when some multi-millionaire from our neighbouring country Singapore heard of this, and took interest in bringing down PETSTER. Or rather the exact words will be “to topple PETSTER as the media hub of the pets industry.”  Again it calls for logic. If indeed it’s true that PETSTER is going to close down, what’s there left to topple or compete since we’re not even there??

In case if you’re one of them who heard this before or if you hear something like this later at some point, here's something to ponder. Last year (2012), PETSTER raked in its record highest revenue from ads and tied many more collaborations for the upcoming years. Thanks to the great minds and hardwork of the entire team who made this possible.  Now, why would a company that’s doing so well wants to close down its business? Seriously, I don’t know where all these stories are coming from..But I reckon we gotta suspect the Mayans in the meantime, until we find the legit culprit.
Edited from The Cagle Post

And for the record, if there’s anything that’s going to change, it’s going to be PROGRESS and not the opposite. Having said that, the all new-look PETSTER magazine, with improved format is going be on the bookshelves soon. This is ultimately another step forward for PETSTER to become a full fledged and COMPLETE pets magazine. Thus, there’ll be something for everyone with more columns dedicated to all types of pets.

The new look header
Besides the usual big names ie: dogs and cats, sections like Tank Residents, Smalls Animals, Exotic Animals and Birds will be our regular fixture from here on. As the most subscribed pets magazine in Malaysia, we feel it’s vital to not let any group of pet owners to feel left out. Consequently, this means the magazine comes with MORE pages now, about 20 percent thicker than before. So thick that when you whack your haters with it, they might die from severe injuries. (DON'T TRY)

On top of that, the upcoming projects in the line up look so great that various brands are hopping in with us. They all want to be part of this revolution of pet industry that PETSTER is orchestrating. Fact is, there are many more interesting projects that I can’t reveal for now (surprise). So back bitters, this is our answer to your false hopes that we’re going to call it quits. The more negative rumours you spread about us, the more we’re going to grow and prove that we’re here for a long long time to come.

Sadly, gossiping and spreading of rumours has become a culture that’s been ingrained with human civilization. And sometimes it seems as though it makes the world go round and to be as interesting as it is. No one escapes the clutches of rumours, gossips and criticisms. No matter what you do, there’s always someone who’s going to dispute. In fact, even if you’re a superhero who’s keeping the world safe from harm’s way, people are still going to talk shit about you (and your underwear). You can never please everyone. But remember, every superhero needs that villain to keep up with the battle. As a reminder to continue fighting and remain strong. While haters keep talking, we PETSTER are here to bring about the change and provide a better pet scene for all of Malaysia.  Dear loyal readers, we take this opportunity to thank every single one of you for being our awesome-fursome-pawsome fans all this while! We won’t let you down..not now..not today..