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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Mad Love Lah..... (Part 2)

No no no… This didn’t happen in my life. But I know someone who did this. His name is Zed.

Thankfully, I have understanding colleagues who know how much my dogs mean to me. There are times that I’ve rushed home early when my dogs were not well. My colleagues willingly covered my void at work and showed that they care for my sentiments. I often feel blessed for this. However, I probably wouldn’t have the guts to tell my Managing Director, in the midst of an important meeting, that I need to go back because of my dogs or cats. (I'll check my balls later)

Anyways, Zed is a close friend and colleague of my cousin. He was in his mid 30s when this happened. It's true, he got sacked. But the company retained him after a year, simply because Zed was an important asset to them. Also because the MD has retired.  

Zed places his pets beyond everything else. The dogs are more than children to him. During that heated argument with his boss, Zed told the boss off, 

“if you’re still here although your son is sick, then you’re probably a bad father or too rich to hire someone to look after him in your absence. I’m neither of that two!!”

If I was in the boss' shoes…ouccchhhh!!!  Till today, people still talk about the incident in the company. The man who screwed the big boss because of his dogs. And the fact that will surprise you is….., Zed is a Malay..a Muslim!  Now how about that?

This is the second installment of the Mad Love Lah..series. More to come in the coming months. If you missed the PART 1, CLICK HERE!!


  1. Wow..respect this guy!

  2. I have 'mad' respect for people who care for their pets like they were their own kids. Love is love, doesn't matter if it has two or four legs...

  3. Agree! Maybe I should start a new series called "Mad Respect Lah...' :))

  4. Cool story bro.. Zed Rocks..