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Friday, 30 November 2012

Knock knock!!! It's Doomsday

The much anticipated Mayan prediction is just hours away. If they got it right like everything else they’ve predicted before, the world should end on 21.12.2012. It’s amazing how a stone from the ancient civilization can be taken this seriously. 

There are TV shows dedicated to the impending doomsday. There are also websites and forums centered around embracing the apocalypse and waiting to surrender to the Almighty. On the other hand, the realists have set up a string of Doomsday-Survivor clubs. And why not, travel agencies have been raking money with holiday packages themed around doomsday. Whether you believe the prediction or not, it’s entirely up to you. Personally, I believe the world will end one day. But maybe not now. It will be a gradual process and a slow death.

But! How will we react if indeed it happens? Common sense says, we’ll run for our lives, taking our valuables and whatever that’s left. Family will be priority for most of us and that should be the case.

Imagine……….A storm or some earthquake is expected to hit your area and evacuation is ongoing. You’ve squeezed in your last bag into the boot. Then you look at your house, and realize that your pet cat or dog is still inside. Would you take them along? Or would you succumb to excuses like how they won’t fit into your overloaded car?  Or how if the car is not yours and the owner says NO to pets as passengers..what would you do? As a pet lover, this will be the greatest test for your love. Will you leave them behind? Can you go on and live without guilt, if at all you survive the apocalypse? By imagining this now, you could possibly rate how much your pets mean to you. Ladies and gentlemen, this is your scale. Imagine!

They waited for you

My thoughts...., If you have plans to escape the disaster, try to accommodate your pets, at the expense of some bloody computer (that will be useless without electricity) or a bagful of branded clothes. Well, probably no one would survive the end of the world. But at least you tried your best to save your loved ones, regardless if it’s two or four legged.  After all, if heaven and hell do exist, the judgment on who you really are, might be defined from what you did, on that last day of yours on earth!

1 comment:

  1. I not afraid of dying. But I'll be sad if I have to make a decision to leave my pets behind and run away.