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Monday, 19 November 2012

Diwali Post: Your Fairy Tale Creature


I know it’s ridiculous, but hey, there's always a link to all these madness. Just keep reading!

Well, we all love to have mythical creatures as pets don’t we? 

Hippogriff, Centaur and Pegasus are my favourite. But guess what, you might have turned your normal pets into one of them too.

Sometime ago, I picked up a phrase from my +4 year old nephew. Since he can’t articulate anything correctly, most of the time he says the darnest things. One of it came when I was babysitting him and he SURPRISINGLY wanted to poop ( He only poops once in a blue moon. So you can imagine how unlucky I was). 

Guess he ate something spicy the night before. So when it came on the other side, he was obviously in pain and kept yelling at me:

“My buttock got fireeee!!! My buttock got fire!!!!”.

I got the point. But I just can’t stop laughing at his description. LOLOL.. (yes I’m such a bad uncle). As I was washing, I asked him, how come there's fire from the buttock? He proudly looked up and self-proclaimed that he's a DRAGON! I swear to God, I laughed so hard that time.. ROFL!!!

This year’s Diwali, I observed something during my open house visits. Friends of mine were in thrifty mood. Guess what? They fed all the leftover food and table scraps to their dogs. The worst part is, most Indian families cook super spicy food. So spicy that, after I finished eating, my lips were swollen as if I had just clinched the title as 'Raja Bibir'. 

Consequently, I got a panic phone call two days later from one of my friend. “Shawn, my dog is purging blood. He had diarrhea yesterday. And today it’s getting worst. Why like that ahh bro??”.

Now let’s talk about some common sense. Some of us are conditioned to eat spicy food. Some of us can’t. Eating is one thing. Getting it out on the other end, is another problem altogether. Even we humans, suffer ulcer, upset stomach, diarrhea, gas reflux, heartburns, piles, and etc as the consequence of eating spicy food. Our dogs and cats are no different than us.

You might say- “Bullshit lah..My dog eats anything. He’s living fine!"

But seriously! How can your dog tell you that it has a stomach ache? Are you some Professor X or dog psychic who can read your dog’s mind? No you're not! External problems like diarrhea can be seen. But what burns inside, up to the anus, only your dog knows.

" I'm in pain, but no one seems to know. That's more painful "

Curry and sambal has a lot of spices and chili in it. We often take for granted that many dogs and cats have sensitive digestive system. When that’s the case, spicy table scraps can probably do more harm to your pets than the world war. 

Even if we put aside the pooping and digestion factor, the eating part in itself is a horror. When I ate the same curry and sambal, at my friends’ places: my lips were swollen, I was sweating, had to blow my nose few times, and I drank glasses of cold juice to reduce the burning sensation.

No doubt it was delicious and I can eat spicy food. But imagine your pets eating the same spicy food. Do you know their threshold and tolerance for spicy food?  Obviously they’ll just wallop because they’re hungry. But it’s you who have to make the choice for them. Think before you feed! And this applies all the time. Not only during Diwali, but every single day, regardless of your race and recipe!

If my nephew's random description is taken seriously, the victimised dog will metaphorically spit fire through its arse like him.., like a dragon. So don’t assume your dogs are okay, just because they don’t tell you that spicy food hurts.

Hence, BIG NO NO to feeding spicy table scraps. If you really need to feed your dog or cat that piece of sambal chicken...,because you’ll die of guilt for wasting food, then wash it thoroughly first. Coz you don't want your pet to make a special request.......


  1. You can write anything and make it awesome bro. Respect!

  2. Your blog is very nice. Best pet blog I've ever seen. Good job!

  3. I like how u describe some people ignorance. Right on the mark.