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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Knowing Much About The Little

Some weeks ago, my long lost friend Jeet landed in KL and wanted to crash at my place for a night. Although I don't always take visitors, I accommodated him that day. *Actually it's more like I didn't have a choice haha* 

Jeet is a very fearful person. It became worse since his house was robbed twice by parang-wielding men. He's traumatised. He hardly sleeps at night and any noise can scare him. That includes his own fart when he's sleeping. Yes I'm serious! ( Thanks to his fiancee for this juicy revelation)

So we were killing time and catching up some stories. And then....

At first, he was skeptical, but accepted my explanation. 
And then 1 hour later he heard another noise downstairs and started freaking out. So I had to explain again...

This time he didn't believe me. So he went halfway down the stairs and checked for himself. 

Upon seeing Chila sleeping exactly like what I told him, he found it funny and came upstairs laughing. Calm restored I thought, but not for long. This time the noise was different and he was very sure it wasn't my dogs. So I had to assure him again...

Again he didn't believe me. So he decided to check!

He went down and saw exactly what I described. I heard him laughing from downstairs and yelling:
"Bro you crazy lah..you know everything without seeing."  
Again, panic-attack was over and he eventually decided to sleep. 
Oh wait..not yet I guess. There was a "thud" noise from the porch.

This time he sarcastically said :
"Wei you kidding right. If this one is true ah, you deserve a medal lah. I will custom make one for you myself"

So we went down together to check it out

Jeet just stood there and gave me this look:


Well, my friends think I'm crazy or fooling around whenever I define my pets to detail. Like very THE DETAIL.  But I guess for people who 'live' together with their pets, this is something that comes naturally. Am I right?  

Yes...I can exactly tell who is drinking water and who is doing what, by just listening to the sound of it. But it's not rocket-science. It's simply about spending enough time with your  furkids. When you observe their behaviour, you learn something new everyday. One day, you can tell everything about your pet inside out. It's not just about knowing what's their favourite food. It's also knowing why your dog or cat sleeps at a certain corner. Like my dog Chila will rest anywhere in the house when I'm downstairs. But whenever I'm not home or I go upstairs, she'll immediately shift and lie down at the glass door. This is purely her guarding instinct. When I'm not around, she'll take charge of the entry points to the house and will not let anyone in. All this can be easily overlooked if I don't care. But believe me, when you know these little things about your pet, it makes the relationship more complete. So, don't just keep your pets. Embrace and savour the little things they do. It's well worth it!

*Wait.......what? You've just discovered that your dog loves your new DKNY perfume scent? and that bright green doormat too?? Awwww..there you go..You're finally observing! :) *


  1. haha serious ah bro??? i think u can join x.vavier school of mutants la!

    1. hahaha..Almost 90% accuracy. Sometimes I do get it wrong though.

  2. LOL..this is my 1st time reading ur blog,and i find it sooo amusing. :) cant stop laughing at some point and u r so true that all will come naturally when we are living with pets. hehe good one!

    1. Just like living with family members too. Thanks Faziella... Do drop by again :)

  3. actually begin to be your fans.. this post is one of the biggest reason.. true animal lover