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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Cutie Pet Fun Fair 2012!

Right! PETSTER’s Cutie Pet Fun Fair (CPFF) it is, an event that you wouldn’t want to miss. Among the bigger events for pet lovers in the country. This year, it was no different.  It was a ‘furbulous’ get together, earned great reception from the public and of course proved to be another catalyst for charity.

PETSTER’s founder William Tan, first and foremost, extended his gratitude to mother nature for the good weather which allowed the event to take place. Indeed the weather was the biggest concern for PETSTER team prior to the event.

“I’m really delighted with the number of dogs participating in the event this year. I’m also happy for the exhibitors who made their sales.” said William.

Thanks to some 50 booths and the 10 NGOs  who took part.

Another highlight during this year’s CPFF was the inclusion of cats. Kelab Kucing Malaysia joined the fun and it drew great response from cat lovers. Looking forward for more activities from the cat community next year.

 As CPFF 2012 promised a lot of fun and freebies, it was certainly fulfilled through SuperDog. ( Don’t know what is SuperDog? Click here) .

Making its debut, SuperDog had its first ever winner to walk home with RM1000 prize money. Personally I think there aren’t many dog competitions in our country that offer this much of cash prize. Moreover, when the contest doesn’t require any entrance fee. Congratulations to BJ and  owner Mr Choy Seng Kah for clocking the fastest time in completing all the challenges. Indeed BJ was a SuperDog.  Quick, agile, alert and always eager to impress!

From the left: William Tan, BJ and owner Mr Choy

BJ was in form the entire day even in other competitions

For those who didn’t win the cash prize, they still took home bottomless free bags of dog food and grooming vouchers, simply for participating. All in all, everyone who took part was a winner.

William had special praise for the participants whom he branded as ‘sporting’. He also thanked Smartheart and Doggy Doge Grooming Academy for sponsoring the prizes.

Nevertheless, every event has some hiccups. "This year we faced some problems, such as electricity cut. Luckily, most exhibitors did not blame us as it was beyond our control. Delayed availability for food and beverages is also another problem we will look at in the future” noted William.

Another uphill challenge according to William was to make the event fun for everyone. Like humour in stand-up comedy, fun is equally hard to deliver.

William continued .. “Next year, Cutie Pet Fun Fair would be even better . SuperDog will be more challenging. In addition, we may include other pets such as reptile and small animals as well.”
Now that smells like a good news!

Credit to team-PETSTER for bringing this fantastic once-a-year treat for pet lovers.  If you missed it, slap your forehead repeatedly and live in remorse till next year! Mhuhahahaha *EVIL DOG LAUGH*

Some moments at the event:

Thank you speech!

Best eye-contact


That's right! It gets crazy.... *scream and run for your life*

Who said bosses sit in office and shake their legs. 
Big boss working under the scorching sun okay! 

The so-called man-eating dog was calm and gentle.
Go away haters!

This sweetie was looking for a new home

Runaway models. Fuhyoo..I like the one in dark blue.

Furry Fashion

My personal favourite attire

Record breaking high-jump is imminent....

Istana Idaman

Prizes everywhere!

Tired visitor..tido kejap....zzzZZZZ...

Beauty Queen with lots of love for furkids

Ang Moh also here. Local people come on....where are you?

Games for humans

NGOs spreading the love

The Chairman is here...

He's everywhere. LOL

Lovely couple

And finally....This stunned me for a minute. Spitting image of my FATHER! I better check my dad's family history if he had a twin brother that I don't know. SHOCKING!!!

What..? You're asking which one? Of course the man lah...NOT THE DOG.. isssshhhhHH!!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Featured: Papa Hero of Kakimotong Fan Club!

Back in school, I always thought that writing essays and karangan was easy. Be it about smoking, reckless driving, drugs, reading habits, or even global warming. I knew full well that I had the first point at the tip of my pen.  Almost always it is, “the role of parents….” or “Peranan ibu bapa.....”  Somehow the rest will add up, which in turn is bonus marks for me.

Adages like ‘bapak borek anak rintik’….. ‘like father like son’, and others were also quite common. 

Consequently, the parental role had become a cliche that I often use without guilt because, it’s all about dumping the responsibility on someone else. And of course without having any emotional attachment to it whatsoever.

However, in the context of animal lovers, responsibility is key to everything. At least that’s what I’ve learned from this man. His name is Papa Hero (real name Mohd Hairey) better known as PH by his legion of followers.  For those who don’t know him especially English blog readers, PH is a renowned animal rescuer in the country.

The man himself!
During my interview with PH about his animal rescuer-blogger life, the thing that caught my attention was not WHAT he’s doing. But it was  the “WHY”… Why is he the person he is today?

I got the answer and again, it was cliché…, But I know this time around, it’s more than a pointer for an essay. It was his parents.. PH was raised in a cat-community. His parents were dedicated rescuers and PH grew up in an environment where animal welfare matters most.  In fact, his parents now approaching their 60s, are still rescuing cats. Yes, STILL… I know, it’s amazing *hats off and respect!*

Second from the left is PH's father :Yahya Mahmood. ( Looking very Tunku Abdul Rahman-like)
First from the right: mother Kamariah Hj Abdul Rahman
From there on, I delved deeper to know more about PH’s upbringing. 
“When I was 5 years old, I frequently see my parents coming home with stray cats. It happens consistently. Sometimes almost every week there’s a new rescued cat at home” said PH.

He continued …“When my father picks me from kindergarten, there’s always a cat in the basket of the motorcycle. When I ask, my father will say:  this cat is sick, so we take care of it”. 

“When this happens for long enough, the examples your parents set, becomes an ideology. It becomes the way of life in you that no one can change. It starts at home”.

6 year old Papa Hero.  The crucial age when he was shaped up

Evidently, the consistent exposure to love animals had a deep imprint in PH’s soul. He found the purpose of his life at a very young age. 

“When our cats die, my parents will never simply throw the carcasses.  They’re always buried properly. Sometimes my father even asks me to dig the grave for them. This made me more involved” he explained.

For me, this particular line was very meaningful. I don’t know if PH realised it, but it struck me.  Because it is the highest form of reverence. It teaches one to respect animals not only when they’re alive but also after they’ve left us. When you treat the dead body of animals with respect, you can never go wrong caring for the living.  One day when I have children, I’ll make sure they know this first.

Hero and PH
Today, PH continues the legacy of his parents. And he didn’t stop there. His two beautiful twin daughters ( 5 years old) are now exposed to a similar upbringing.

The twins at Pekan Nenas shelter.
*Checking out the furkids with syle. The handbag and bandana. Class*
“We went to Pekan Nenas, Johor recently to bathe the animals in a shelter. I brought my children along, so that they’d see and feel the love. It’s my responsibility as a father. They’re the future animal lovers. They have to grow in an environment that teaches them the right thing” said PH.

You may not be an animal rescuer like PH. You may not be an activist. You probably can’t afford another dollar to donate to the shelter. But it is you who have all the wealth to influence your children. A simple gesture of sharing some food with the starving kitten under your table at a mamak, can go a long way. 

The little one showing some love!

Again, I thank Papa Hero’s parents. Because of them, there’s one less starving stray every day. So in your next family outing with the children, if there’s a  puppy with skin disease approaching you,…You can either say:  “Eeuuuwww that’s one ugly dog let's go away”  or “ Poor puppy. Must’ve lost its mother. Let’s give him some food”.  But before that, REMEMBER! Your actions at a scenario like this, may gift or deprive the world of one more animal lover.
As the clichéd saying goes………., An apple doesn’t fall far from its tree! 

Some photos:
Hero still going strong, 7 years after being rescued by PH
The notorious and ever funny Jojo. Also rescued!
Cat sanctuary. All of them were rescued and raised at home

The future is in good hands!
  • The word that Papa Hero hates the most is PTS (Put To Sleep). It's doesn't run in his family's blood.

  • PH's father once told him.  "If hungry animals come to you, that means you're in some sort of trouble. The animal is a medium, where by giving them food, it cleanses your mind and soul. You'll be less disturbed and unperturbed by your troubles".

  • PH's parents were earning very less when they rescued cats week in week out. They had just enough to eat for themselves and still shared with the hungry strays.  * Now I ask...Do you have any excuse?*
More scoop on Papa Hero coming your way in PETSTER's November edition. Grab one!