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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Surely Not Man's Best Friend

I’ve heard time and time again that dogs are man’s best friend. And I think that’s the biggest lie ever told.  Don’t hate me yet. What I mean to say is that’s a huge understatement in anybody’s language. Honestly, dogs are way better than that. When you say “best friend”, there’s always some humanized connotation associated to it. It sounds like human companionship. In the real world, there’re not many friends who can emulate a dog. Not even best friends. Because it’s no longer about companionship. It’s about undivided devotion to you and only you.

Here’s a story about Capitan. A tale that may possibly humble all your greatest love and friendship stories. Simply because Capitan was NOT a human. 

The news was making waves in the media over the last 10 days and it’s inevitable, I have to address it. Capitan is a German Shepherd dog in Central Argentina who has decided to sleep and live next to his owner Miguel Guzman’s gravestone ever since the man passed away.  If that’s not incredible enough, he’s refused to leave the graveside for 6 YEARS. That’s like 38 DOG YEARS. Can you believe it??

What’s more mind-boggling is Capitan went missing from the house after Guzman passed away. A week later when Guzman’s wife visited the grave, she was shocked to see Capitan there. Simply because she thinks there’s no way Capitan would know where the graveyard is. This is the part you'd go ”Seriously????” In an age where humans can’t find a location without the aid of signboards, Google map and GPS, it’s just amazing how a dog can do this.  

Cemetery director Hector Baccega recalled the day when he first saw Capitan turning up at the cemetery all on his own. Baccega noted how Capitan wandered around the cemetery and eventually found the master’s tomb and sat there heartbroken ever since. I bet even Guzman’s own family members wouldn’t be able to find the tomb on their own if not for the name written on it.  But a DOG did it.  (Unless you’re an idiot who think Capitan can read)

Guzman’s wife Veronica said the family tried to bring Capitan home on numerous occasions but he always went back to the cemetery. They finally resigned to the fact that Capitan does not want anything else, other than living the rest of his life guarding the master’s grave. 

Another heartwarming fact is Capitan only lived for little over a year with Guzman before the latter died. A mere one year!!! Look at the amount of love and loyalty that a dog can dedicate to you in such a short space of time. It’s just pure magic..... Who would've imagined that besides termites, maggots,bugs and other scavenging microorganisms in the grave, a dog will keep you company as you lay rotting in that 6 feet deep hole. Waiting in the hope that you’ll come alive one day.  Shame on whoever said that renowned phrase “till death do us apart”. A dog just surpassed it. 

Digressing a little, sometime back, I knew a person who lost his mother. One he had previously lauded as his gift-of-life and his world. But another woman came into his life and they got married. Series of turmoil ensued and very quickly the mother became the person he hated the most. He disowned the mother and even refused to attend her funeral. I’ve also seen some friends who take the passing of their loved ones with a pinch of salt. I realize the somber mood and grief is much more intense when their favourite football team losses or when a pimple pops up on their faces. 
(Guys, I’m sorry if this feels as if I’m taking a dig at you. But I hope you’re reading it anyway.Are you offended? Well I'd say if the hat fits, then you wear it.) And the cartoon strip above is just a mirror of what our society has become.

Fursians, don’t get me wrong…I’m not asking you to dwell and wallow in sorrow after the loss of your loved ones.  All I’m saying is, the very dog that you look lowly sometimes, is an unlikely inspiration. One that enkindles hope that you too can make someone of yourself, by simply loving those who mean the most in your life. It’s probably a big ask to live and die next to their graves. But you can at least do HALF of what a dog can do. That is to cherish, treasure and love those who love you, more importantly while they’re still alive. If a dog can do it with the limited abilities it has, what’s your excuse?

To end where I began, do you need another story to prove that dogs are MORE than man’s best friend? I don’t know about you. But I’ve known about it all along. So what are they actually? I think they’re Godsent miracles…, disguised in a carpet of fur, an emotional magic wand called tail, and a cold nose that preserves love, loyalty and devotion better than any freezer in the world.


  1. I cried reading this. I'm going to love my dogs and my family even more from today. Thanks A Fortress of Fur. You open my eyes.

  2. I love reading gadget and travel blogs. But this the first time a pet blog got me hooked. The shift in mood for all your posts are incredible. You know when to pull a humor and when to tell a story. Keep posting more! You are good!