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Friday, 7 September 2012

Mad Love Lah.... (Part 1)

We’ve heard that some people go the distance for their pets. Well this should be the perfect occasion for that saying. The distance could be tens or maybe hundreds of kilometers. And don’t forget to count the hours. Asking for too much? Definitely not, when your pets are family. 

This is actually something I can relate to myself. It happened maybe like 3 times. First, I forgot to refill water for my pup. I reached office, was waiting for the elevator and snap, I remembered! Yup I went back with a long face, but I was never reluctant. More like angry with myself for being forgetful. The most trivial one was probably when I made a U-turn, having gone halfway to work because…errmmmm…I forgot to turn on the FAN for the kiddos at home. ( Errr yeah a bit over lah I know). But I’m sure a lot of you, pet lovers can relate to this and have done this before. Most of the time we might get someone to do it for us..But when there‘s no outlet for help, then it’s all on us.

This is something that’s got to do with guilt I guess. You won't have the peace of mind at work or anything that you’re at, knowing that your cat, dog or bunny is deprived of its basic needs, ESPECIALLY, when they’re confined.  No man, you just can't do it!  Something where Nike's tagline "Just Do It" comes across to me as an evil whisper.

There’s a voice in your head that stabs you with guilt you know. Like this:

...and I swear you don’t want a voice like that in your head. Like seriously!! 

So don't make the guilt trip k..And that's the first part of the MAD-LOVE LAH... series. More to come, stay tuned for updates. Have a great weekend Fursians! :)

ps: (Hopefully you still remember that epic "kemaluan" quote by Samy Vellu. Legend. LMAO)


  1. ya.. i sumtimes forget n went to work late but that's not n issue as long as i can work with peace after that. switching on the fan for furry kids? yup, i did that. i leave it on....