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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Indiana Jones & The Desert Assignment

Errr...”bottomless shitting buffet” sounds kinda euuuww I know. But yes! Cats love to poop on sand and burry their feces. Apparently this is to cover their scent from predators. If that’s true, it’s kinda misguided I think because I can always smell it from miles away. So if there’s any amount of sand that can cover a cat’s stool, desert is the place to shit!  Indiana Jones has a lucky cat I’d say.

Moral of the story you ask? Eheerrmm wait ah.. (panicking and sourcing through the rubbish in my brain). Ahhh, got it! Moral is....If you're positive, you can even find happiness in shitting..hah how? Inspiring? I know right...... :D  Well as you’ve been warned before, expect some sensical nonsense every now and then here. And by the way, big things are coming soon at A Fortress Of Fur. Yeah I mean the sane ones. So till then, stay awake Fursians! 

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