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Friday, 14 September 2012

Game On!

The Olympic Games in London is over. But that’s for humans. For your dogs, it’s time to put their athleticism to test.  PETSTER’s Cutie Pet Fun Fair this year brings you the dog’s version of the Olympics. It’s called, the SUPERDOG. If you’ve never heard of Olympics, then you must’ve been living in Narnia. 
Ok enough already, don’t ask me what’s Narnia. *Grabs the head*

Arguably, Superdog is the highlight of this year’s event where you’re guaranteed to have lotsa fun, win freebies and stand a chance to win RM1000. 

Surely you know that clichéd term called “Win-Win situation”. But have you heard of a win win win win win win win win win win…….situation? That's what Superdog is. First, because your dogs get to exercise, have fun and socialize. That’s 3 in 1 already.  Next, if your dog clocks the fastest time in completing the games, you get the prize money.  On top of that, for every set of challenges you complete, 1kg SMARTHEART dog food and grooming vouchers are yours for taking. The best thing about this “win win win win win win win……………."  concept is, you can play the games as many times as you want. It’s like a looping chance. So if you play ten times, I guess you’re not going to buy dog food for the next one month. You can also donate the food to shelters if you wish to. So absolutely nothing to lose and every thing to gain.

Now let’s see what are the games in store for your dogs.  First, it's the tunnel run. The fastest dog gets the most points.  You can use treats or anything to make your dogs do the trick. If you want to run together with your dog through the tunnel, *holds breath*… you can! We like adventurous people :)

Next, is "The stay game". Obedient dogs can nail this one I’m sure. As long as your dog can sit and stay in position for the time given, you complete this game. It’s probably going to be 15 seconds or so. Easy la this one right..

Then comes the, “Run-run-run.” This is even easier.  You just stand at the finishing line and call your dog.  You probably don’t even know that your dog is hell of a runner. Play the game and the judges will time it for you. Don’t be surprised if your Johny can run faster than Usain Bolt! You never know.

The 4th one is “Zig-Zag Me”. Just guide your dog to go around the poles as fast as possible. Done!

5th is the “Jumpmania”. There are actually two separate hurdles. One for small breeds and one for large breeds. So it’s fair for everyone. 

And finally this game is kinda interesting I think. The “bridgewalk” it is.  The name says it all. 

Yeah, you wish!! Sorry, it's not this easy ok.

How the bridge gonna look like is the suspense. It can be in any shape.

Like a chicken wing maybe?

Like Auntie Anne's pretzel maybe?

Well keep guessing. But I was given assurance that it will be sensible. So wait for the "bridgewalk"  :)

The only ultimate rule for all the challenges is : YOU  CAN’T CARRY YOUR DOGS.  Other than that, you can do anything.

And before I forget, here's an insight.  It may seem that some of the challenges are favourable to large breeds. People with small dogs, please don't worry. Every element has been carefully weighed and balanced out. You'll eventually find out during the event, that games like the 'bridgewalk'  and to some extent "zig-zag me" will be at your advantage ( for small breeds). There’ll also be a practice set at the side of the real ring. Therefore, you can practice before playing the actual game.

So whatchu waiting for? Gear up for the games. Train your dogs today so that he or she is sharp, fit and IN GOOD SHAPE. .The last thing you want is, your dog goes 'pancit' and calls it Game Over before the games even kick off.

How much is the entrance fee?? Well, if you've been following this blog, you must have read that PETSTER always does something in a way that Malaysians love. So its absolutely FREEEEE!!!  Yes believe. Its free. Happy right.. :)

Other happenings at the 2-day event are, Charity Fund Raising, K9 Dog Demo, Dog Pageant, Fashion Competition, Agility Demo and Cat Show for cat lovers. Besides, there’ll be lotsa games for you to play and win prizes at the carnival. 

So just drag your family there, spend quality time with your pets and have furry good outing together!!

29th and 30th September 2012
Central Park, 1 Utama.
9am to pm.


  1. do you have video of this event on youtube? i LOVE to watch it if u have..

    1. No dear. But you can join the event next month. :)