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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Just The Way We Are

It’s the Merdeka week and I guess you’ve heard enough about unity this month, and I'm afraid if I mention it once more, you maybe at risk of bleeding from the ears. Looking at it carefully, there aren’t many things that Malaysians can draw parallel, (although we say we do). Let's admit, we disagree on a lot of things. Diversity, equality and independence isn't quite an ideal formula to be mixed in a test tube called Malaysia. We're slowly getting there. But not yet.

In the midst of all this, I somehow find there’s this one thing which can bring the whole nation to agree in a resounding chorus. It’s the love we have for “free stuff”.  Whenever something is given free, Malaysians regardless of race, religion, age, status and looks - can be seen together under one roof.  Oh, I forgot to mention, and this is regardless if they vote for BN or the Opposition. People will just flock in numbers, without missing anyone from the family tree and line up for hours.

It’s normal if you see something like this in Somalia. Then again you think about it, hey…..it’s normal too in Malaysia. So normal, that it has become part of our culture.  After all, who doesn’t like free stuff right?  With free-stuff, people can save some money. With money you improve your life. An improved life results in happiness. Seems logical! 

So here,
55 years of Merdeka and it’s almost impossible to miss it. The 'staple for happiness'. And PETSTER knows exactly what it is.  They say: “keep your money, because the magazine is absolutely FREE!”. Evidently, it’s not a seasonal gimmick. PETSTER has been distributing free magazines for over 4 years now. Talk about sustainability? There you go. Plus, it comes without the hassle of needing to be early birds, queuing up, the pushing and shoving that you normally experience in the process of getting freebies.( Not to mention tolerating the smell of people who’ve never heard of deodorant and shower.)  You just need to effortlessly walk to a petshop or a vet clinic, grab the magazine and before you could sweat, you’re back at home. If you feel like doing it, then just subscribe. It will be sent to your doorstep. It’s free, and more importantly, hassle-free. So pet lovers, PETSTER may not be able to play badminton like Datuk Lee Chong Wei in the Olympics for your free scoop of ice cream (if you remember the Baskin Robins free ice-cream phenomenon). But they certainly can produce a kick-ass pet magazine, that doesn't cost you anything. So grab one today.Selamat Hari Merdeka!!! And here's the irony...... Merdeka means independence…independence means, being FREE! Awwww……

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