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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Boarding Swap!

While your kids return from boarding schools, your furkids do the opposite.

Malaysia’s major celebration is here again. Aidilfitri, an occasion of togetherness and reconciliation.  Joy and laughter.   But last year’s Hari Raya Aidilfitri season was marred by a tragedy  in the petworld. More specifically among cat lovers . Yes, it’s that name again.  The name that makes you loathe. PETKNODE.

Hunger and thirst has taken its toll.

Hundreds of cats became victims of negligence and sheer cruelty at this filthy and greedy boarding kennel.  Owners who thought their cats will be looked after well, unknowingly shunned them into the pits of hell. Multiple cats squeezed in small cages without food, water and space to move for days.  Lucky enough oxygen was free. Otherwise that too would’ve been cut off. Many cats even died in the ordeal.  And to add insult to injury, the punishment didn’t even fit the crime. A measly RM6000 fine and perpetrators walk free. I shall discuss more on this in near future. For once, I’m glad that I’m not the incredible Hulk. Because the way my anger-meter shoots up when I’m typing this.., it’s clearly unsafe to be the HULK!

Takes deep breath….calming down..think  zen…Ok. What’s more important now is for us to take a leaf out of this bitter episode. Our beloved cats are facing inevitable separation for a short space of time during this festive season. 

In case you forgot what happened.

Extended version of the PC.

The first option before considering to send your cats to boarding, is obviously not to consider this option lah * cricket noise* . Guess not many of us can afford that. The next best thing is to ask the help of your friends (mostly non-Muslims) who are not travelling. They may understand your predicament and “babysit” the cat for you.. If you’re an important friend, and if your cat is a sweetheart among your social circle, the problem can be considered solved.

What if this outlet is not an option? Then comes the inescapable boarding. But before you send your cats there, do some research about the caretaker. Boarding had never been this tricky, until history reminds us otherwise.

Look for recommendations. Ask the cattery to allow you access to see the boarding area. Is it clean and hygienic? While you’re there, imagine the place being packed full house during the festive season. Visualise…Will your pet find comfort? Find out how often the cats go out of their enclosures. Are the cages spacious? How many workers the cattery has? Can they handle the influx of cats?

Also, ensure the catteries only accept promptly vaccinated cats. You may even test the catteries saying that, you can pay more and urge them to accept your unvaccinated cats. If they agree to do it, ban them from your list.

And I’m a firm believer of what you get is what you pay for. So be willing to dig your pockets slightly deeper for that extra professional boarding service. Sometimes, that extra few ringgit, will make a whole lotta difference and even save your cat's life.

While the Eid celebration is all about embracing forgiveness, don’t commit to something that your cats will never forgive you. Something that in turn you will never forgive yourself for.

Selamat Hari Raya, have the safest balik kampung trip and happy meows when you come back!


  1. and my pet is exactly the reason why I've always disagree for family vacation. pity la my cats & dogs :'(

  2. I have the same problem. Travelling for me is worst than planning to have children :((

  3. I am of the same opinion and though in my case it is my beloved dog, I always prefer NOT to think of holidays, I rather Not go than go but the spouse wants to go so I try to push as far back as possible. I am quite lucky as the place I left my dog was at my vets which have an air con floor for housing our dogs; the thing is that though this is a good and very, very spacious place as my dog is a Labrador, before I can even go, I am thinking of coming home to my beautiful and truly loving dog and miss her even b4 going!!! Pets are the best therapy for us as all they ask is being cared for and loved and they give back unconditional love that sometimes I think even, some humans can't give that kind of unconditional love.God bless.

    1. Hi Ophelia, you've just high fived me with that comment. I have the same predicament. One problem though for me is I've toilet trained my dogs to 'go' on the grass. So if the boarding place doesn't have grass area and only a kennel, it becomes a massive problem for me.

      Also, my mind will constantly sway thinking what they're doing. Even when I'm at the holiday destination, lying by the beach or ridding a roller coaster.