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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Chickaboo The Ostrich - Legend Of The Federal Highway

I Have News For You: An ostrich broke the internet this week after Jeff Sandhu uploaded a video of the bird running on Federal Highway. Video Here. It went viral and now, ostrich fever is sweeping everyone. So A Fortress Of Fur has put together a list of media covering the bizarre news in their usual tones.

BERNAMA: Kerajaan yakin pelaksanaan tol untuk burung unta di lebuhraya mampu mengukuhkan ekonomi.

The Malay Mail Online: Netizens angry after ostrich brought traffic to a standstill. …...More to come......

MalaysiaKini: UMNO-owned ostrich cost government RM2.6 billion

KOSMO: Burung unta yang ditebus daripada kumpulan Abu Sayyaf melarikan diri

The Wall Street Journal: Swiss investigators have proof Federal Highway ostrich was bought with 1MDB funds

Utusan: Apa Lagi Burung Unta Mahu?

The NST: 1Malaysia-Ostrich has united Malaysians on social media

Berita Harian: Burung unta yang terlepas dari Kondominium Sri Lembu adalah derma dari Arab Saudi

BFM Radio: Bird Friendly Malaysia...….BFM 89.9!

Fake Malaysia News: Najib angry Saudi donated burung unta. He wanted unta.

A Fortress Of Fur: This is not funny at all. Poor ostrich must have been really terrified. Bomba have been alerted to rescue the bird. They are on their way.

Bloomberg: Malaysia’s ostrich market is projected to achieve 87% growth by 2017 after a good run in June.

The Star Online: Ridhuan Tee quits MCA & runs wild

Daily Mail: Scientists believe sightings of the Loch Ness Monster could be Chickaboo the ostrich.

Harian Metro: Tengku Adnan syorkan KL dijadikan litar untuk burung unta merempit

Suara Keadilan: Burung unta memulakan kempen ‪#‎BebasAnwar‬ dengan mengutip sejuta tandatangan di lebuhraya

Harakah: Kejadian burung unta terlepas bukti Hudud diperlukan

Tamil Nesan: “Dia yingat ini aiwey dia bapak punya kah?” - Samy Vellu

Sin Chew Daily: See translation

Mastika: Burung Unta Menjelma Dari Kubur Bercahaya Di Semenyih

*Disclaimer: Just a banter.

Glad that Chickaboo is safe now.

Feel free to add in your own version of headlines in the comments HERE!.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Stray Dogs In Moscow Travel By Train For Food

Anyone who's ever doubted the intelligence and resourcefulness of dogs needs to only take a look at the Russian capital of Moscow to see the truth. In addition to being home to the Kremlin, Moscow houses upwards of 35,000 stray dogs.

But it's what these dogs have learned to do that's truly remarkable… and it's baffling animal researchers.

"In Moscow, there are all sorts of stray dogs, but… there are no stupid dogs," Dr. Andrey Poyarkov told ABC.

That must be true, as the dogs of Moscow's streets have learned to… ride public transit.

For commuters in the Russian capital, it isn't all that uncommon to share a seat with a dog.

The dogs have mastered the massive subway system, hustle and bustle included, and use it to travel to the most fertile "hunting" ground in the center of the city.

Researchers say that the dog's use of the transit system is evidence of canis familiaris' possession of what we call flexible open-ended reasoning and conscious thought.

The dogs have also been seen obeying traffic signals and employing a variety of tactics to procure food from humans.

The dogs even try and scare people carrying food by barking, with the hope that the startled person will drop their food.

This one above here is glowing with wisdom. It must be true!

Watch The Videos Below For More

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Cardboard Boxes For Cats

A cat playground can be rustic, plain and more importantly, something you can DIY! Just like this grid of boxes.

A Japanese cat lover took things to a whole new level, with his nine cats and cardboard boxes. It's a brilliant idea indeed!

Watch this:


When you think about it, you don’t actually have to break the bank to create a feline playroom. Many toys are made from recycled items, some of which can be easily made, or are even free by upcycling items from your home, such as cardboard boxes. Talk about cost effective solutions. Plus, cats often like to claw on cardboard boxes, so the boxes also deter them from clawing furniture. Ultimately, it's a cheap way to build them a 'fortress' where they feel safe to nap in, hide in and or just play their hearts out.

Have you ever wondered, why cats are crazy about cardboard boxes?

As it turns out, cats use boxes for stress relief. Researchers at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands took 19 cats that were new to shelters and gave 10 boxes, while the other nine cats did not. Over a 14-day period, the felines with boxes showed far less stress on the Kessker and Turner Cat-Stress-Score (CSS), and adjusted to the shelter environment far better than their box-less cohorts.

As much fun as this research sounds, it has a serious purpose. “Domestic cats (Felis sylvestris catus) can experience serious stress in shelters,” the authors write. On top of making your cats unhappy, stress also affect their immune systems, increasing outbreaks of infectious diseases.

Another reason would be that boxes keep cats warm. The animal psychology behind keeping warm in a box is similar to why cats sleep on cushions or why they like to lie in the sun rather than the shade. #Catology101

"Thank you for building this fortress papa and mama. All my nine lives are now safe."